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Jessa Duggar Accused of Using Baby Name Announcement to Make Money

Jessa Duggar Accused of Using Baby Name Announcement to Make MoneyOver the weekend, “Counting On” star Jessa Duggar and husband Ben Seewald welcomed their fourth child. It was a very happy time for the family, especially after Jessa endured a heartbreaking miscarriage.

As expected, the happy couple did not share all the information regarding the arrival of their baby girl, but it was the way that the new mom announced the name of her baby that brought on some controversy.

Jessa Duggar Deletes Dozens of Comments Revealing Baby’s Name

You shouldn’t really be surprised by TV stars when they try to cash in on their fame using any available opportunity, but the fans of the reality TV star blasted her for using her big baby name reveal as a clickbait.

Announcing the baby’s name on YouTube isn’t what’s spooking fans, but the fact that she went the extra mile to delete comments made by people in reply to others who didn’t want to watch the video to learn her baby’s name themselves.

Instead of an Instagram caption or a social media reveal, Jessa opted for a YouTube video which she could monetize. But the drama actually found its way back to the TLC star’s official Instagram page.

Some people who didn’t want to click on the link and spend time watching the video asked others who watched it to tell them the name of the new baby. While some of Jessa’s followers scolded those who wanted to learn the name the easy way, and some of them plainly ignored the questions, some do-gooders revealed the name of the baby to those who didn’t want to click the link in her bio and learn it for themselves.

The weird thing was that these “helpful” comments started to disappear. It raised questions from her fans who wondered how desperate she actually is to have to delete hundreds of comments just to keep driving people to her YouTube video.

She’s Desperate For The Views To Get More YouTube Money

“Jesse deleting aaallllllll the comments with baby Seaworlds name,” a reddit user wrote. “Someone is hungry for YouTube money!”

“Omg isn’t she tired and sore and like, feeding a baby? Who even has the time?” a curious social media user asked.

“She’s desperate for the views to get more Youtube money!” another redditor replied.

It’s true that not all YouTube videos are profitable, but famous people can easily monetize theirs if they can keep bringing in enough engagement.

“Hopefully she keeps that money for she and Ben and Jboob doesn’t try to take a cut,” a commenter scornfully wrote.

“She must be desperate,” the Redditor observed. “That’s ridiculous and boob living it up.”

The New Baby Is Named Fern Elliana Seewald

While many people assumed that the deleted comments were the work of a desperate woman scouring through her comments to find the ones worth deleting, others are suggesting that it is quite easy to accomplish it.

“There’s actually a feature, you just use the censor setting where you censor certain words like swear words,” one commenter opined. “So she prob just inputted ‘fern’ and bots just do it for her.”

Yes, the new baby is named Fern Elliana Seewald.

This means that all the comments containing the word “Fern” were simply being filtered out.

Fern joined the family of five on Sunday, July 18.

Her name was shared on a YouTube video compilation that featured the struggle the couple went through to finally welcome their rainbow baby.

Jessa Duggar Accused of Using Baby Name Announcement to Make Money

Jessa Duggar’s Road to Welcoming Baby Fern

Jessa Duggar also documented her journey to welcoming her fourth child, and it was one that included 12 hours of painful contractions.

The reality star received two epidurals, after the first attempt proved unsuccessful.

Unlike the Duggar tradition of giving birth at home, Jessa chose to deliver at a hospital so that she could get the proper care, especially since her health was already impacted by the pregnancy. Her first three, however, were born at home, even though she witnessed postpartum hemorrhages twice.

Jessa and Ben’s newborn Fern also happens to be the couple’s rainbow baby, after her devastating miscarriage last year.

Their newborn baby arrived healthy, as the grateful parents shared in their YouTube compilation.

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