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Is Robyn Brown Pregnant And If She Is, Will It Save Sister Wives’ Show?

Is Robyn Brown Pregnant And If She Is, Will It Save Sister Wives' Show?Rumors have started up once again about Robyn Brown, the last addition to Kody Brown’s Wives, being pregnant with the family’s nineteenth child.

She and Kody have been going on back and forth about adding another baby to the already large family. Kody has admitted several times that if Robyn is on board with having another child, he’s definitely all for it. He even quipped one time that he teased his grown-up children that his kid would be younger than their kids.

But Robyn doesn’t share her husband’s enthusiasm about welcoming another baby, and fans are afraid that if she really is pregnant, she might be doing it to increase ratings on their show in order to keep it running.

Robyn Brown Fans Suspect Reality Star of Being Pregnant

Rumors that the TLC reality TV star is pregnant has been making rounds with fans as of lately. It is not completely unfounded, as Kody and Robyn have been discussing the idea intensively in their latest season enough to put it into anybody’s mind. Kody is, of course, happy to have another child and has repeatedly said so, and since Robyn is his only wife still capable of having a child, all his hopes naturally fell on her.

Having said this, it’s vital to keep in mind that this is merely an allegation by a “fan” who supposedly knows someone who ran into Kody and Robyn Brown.

The latest rumors started when a fan claimed to know someone who’s ran into Robyn, and according to this “source”, Robyn’s belly appeared bigger in the meeting. But that’s not all the clues, as the “source” further claimed to have heard the couple animatedly talking about the baby they are soon to welcome.

But, as the family hasn’t officially announced anything, all anybody has at the moment are rumors.

Is Robyn Brown Pregnant And If She Is, Will It Save Sister Wives' Show?

Fans Speculate Robyn Brown’s Reason for Being Pregnant

And that brings us to what fans really do believe might be the reason Robyn Brown is pregnant, if indeed she is.

Recently, fans of the show have been going on about how boring the show has become and how it should be cancelled. A new baby will not only boost viewership but definitely renew the interest of fans. If the surmise by some of the fans is somehow correct, Robyn having another baby will be for all the wrong reasons.

Another reason that fans find to explain the reason for her pregnancy is that she wants to keep Kody close to her and away from his other wives. As fans know, Kody has been looking forward to having another child of his, and it’s ever likely that he would feel more obligated to spend time with Robyn if she is pregnant with his child, even though fans have spoken out about his partiality for Robyn through the years.

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