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Why Nicole Sleeping With Xander Was Absolutely Inspired on Days of Our Lives

Why Nicole Sleeping With Xander Was Absolutely Inspired on Days of Our LivesDays of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) taking off to Africa again after learning Nicole (Arianne Zucker) slept with his greatest enemy, Xander (Paul Telfer), but that act has been one of the show’s more inspired ideas in recent years because it opens up so much story possibility and is actually right in character.

Days of Our Lives’ Nicole Acted Completely Like Nicole

Nicole is not in any way a bad character. Instead, she acted exactly how Nicole would — impulsively. She also acted exactly as many women would when essentially abandoned by their husband — during their first year of marriage, no less.

Women across the world can understand what it feels like when a man puts someone or something else before them and they can’t help but be hurt — or if that something is a humanitarian effort in Africa. We just assume that’s what Eric was up to because we weren’t told, but since he is an ex-priest, that seems logical.

While adultery shouldn’t be the answer, sometimes it is. If your husband who abandoned you does so often enough, maybe it’s normal to drown sorrows in booze and then do a completely soap opera thing — hop into bed with another man.

Why Nicole Sleeping With Xander Was Absolutely Inspired on Days of Our Lives

Why This Gives Nicole A New Direction

If Greg Vaughan does not want to be on the soap full time, then something had to give on the story canvas. Nicole is a vital character who needs a story and the dutiful wife in an apartment with her young adult niece and two small children isn’t it.

So, Nicole had a one-night stand that ended her marriage and freed her up for more story. Having her one-night stand be with Xander was inspired thanks to their history. He has never done anything but torture Nicole for years and even forced her into marriage at one point. Sleeping with the enemy is a tried and true soap move and Nicole is the perfect character to have done it.

While we can’t see Nicole and Xander actually having a romance and being together, Xander’s willingness to blow her secret for money is right in character, Nicole sleeping with the enemy while drunk is what she would do. And now both of them can continue that lust-hate relationship as Nicole becomes free and can do whatever she wants. Nicole is finally free and she got there in a very Nicole way. Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives weekdays to see what Nicole is up to next.

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