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Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shares Series Of Cryptic Quotes Amid Kody Split Rumors

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shares Series Of Cryptic Quotes Amid Kody Split RumorsSister Wives star Meri Brown has been silent regarding her relationship status with Kody Brown. Apparently, fans think that Meri left the plural family in Flagstaff and has been staying more often in Utah.

Meri is a busy person due to her bed and breakfast business in Utah. However, fans think that Meri is also keeping herself busy to finally move on from Kody.

Now, Meri reignites her split rumors with Kody after sharing a series of cryptic quotes on Instagram, and most of them appear to depict her struggling relationship with Kody.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Talks About Choosing Growth Over Company

In an Instagram post, Sister Wives star Meri Brown talks about choosing growth over a company. According to Meri, life gets lonely when a person is trying to get back on track. However, Meri said that it’s better to choose growth instead of a struggling company.

Apparently, Meri has been showing signs of estranging herself from the plural family. Fans have seen how the family struggled a lot during her past seasons. It also appears that Meri has been much happier lately with her best friend, Jen.

The two have been interacting with the fans through their live video chats. Meanwhile, fans are happy that Meri is smiling a lot during her live streams amid her struggling plural family.

Meri Says Someone Will Adore & Hate A Person

Aside from talking about growth, Sister Wives star Meri Brown also shared a quote that talks about how a person will always get adored and hated. According to Meri, she’d prefer to be herself at all times despite all the hate and problems surrounding her.

Meri also encouraged the fans by saying that they should live their life at their own will, which appears to depict Kody’s controlling schemes in his family. Apparently, fans have seen how the wives almost have no choice but to follow Kody’s decisions.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shares Series Of Cryptic Quotes Amid Kody Split Rumors

However, as time goes by, the wives start to making decisions of their own. One of which is Janelle Brown, who recently revealed that she’s now living in an RV and it’s her decision to live in it.

Sister Wives: Meri & Kody Continue To Remain Silent Regarding Their Status

Sister Wives star Meri Brown and Kody Brown have been silent regarding their status. Apparently, the two were last seen during their latest season, where Kody appears to be very cold towards Meri.

Since then, fans think that Meri had enough and finally decided to leave Kody and the other wives. Meanwhile, Kody was recently seen spending the night with Janelle in her RV. However, Kody barely posts anything on his social media account, and fans have been swarming his last post with criticism towards him.

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