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Wow! Sadie Winder Blows Seeking Sister Wife Fans Away – See Photo

Wow! Sadie Winder Blows Seeking Sister Wife Fans Away – See PhotoSadie Winder appeared in Seeking Sister Wife Season 3. However, Tami’s daughter naturally wasn’t the main star of the show. Nevertheless, she seemed to enjoy Kimberley, the potential third wife that Colton, Tami, and Sophie considered. Fans often see her outside playing with her little half-brother, Ephraim. But, on her sixth birthday, they noticed how gorgeous she looks. It certainly seems like Colton and Tami have a potential heartbreaker on their hands.

Sadie Winder Looked Very Cute On Seeking Sister Wife

When fans saw Tami’s daughter in Season 3, a lot of them said that she looked really cute. Well, she also looked like a very sweet big sister to Ephraim. However, a lot of fans really only noticed her blossoming beauty this week. Of course, she really seems like a nice kid as she entertains her little brother so sweetly, and fans enjoy seeing how these siblings love each other.

Recently, Sophie, Colton’s second wife, launched a podcast on YouTube. The Seeking Sister Wife star’s first post talked about fertility issues. Plus, she reminds fans that soon, Ephraim and Sadie Winder will get a another sibling. While Tami won’t appear often, fans hope that they see more about all the kids. Obviously, parenting in a polygamous family brings some differences, and fans seem very interested in that.

Birthday Girl Sadie Winder Blows Fans Away

On July 19, the Winder family from Seeking Sister Wife shared a few photos of Sadie. One of them showed her sitting outside and fans realized how beautiful she looks. Dressed nicely, she looked quite different from the kid they saw scampering around the livestock pens. She wore a straw hat with a pink bow and hatband. Plus, she wore a longish floral skirt, a pink jersey, and a red and white spotted top.

Sadie Winder Blows Seeking Sister Wife Fans Away See Photo

The caption said that she just celebrated her sixth birthday. Obviously, plenty of TLC fans sent Sadie Winder their best wishes on the occasion. However, others talked about her beauty. One of them commented, “She is so beautiful. Happy Birthday to a sweet girl.” Then another fan wrote, “…gorgeous picture of colors and daughter.” More comments rolled in that talked about how attractive Tami’s daughter looks. This one noted “She is a beauty!! Happy Birthday.”

Will The Family Return In Season 4?

Given the popularity of Sadie Winder, Ephrain, Colton, Sophie, and Tami, there’s no reason why TLC might not consider them for another season. Plus, the news that Sophie expects another child also opens up a storyline for them. However, at this time, fans still await the announcement of a new season.

Remember to check back with us often for more news, updates, and spoilers about the Winder family from Seeking Sister Wife on TLC.

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