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90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Angela Deem Described As Walking Nightmare By Show Employee

90 Day Spoilers: Angela Deem Described As Walking Nightmare By Show Employee90 Day Fiancé Spoilers suggest that Angela Deem’s treatment of her husband Michael Ilesanmi is nothing new. Show employee describes Deem as a “walking nightmare”. Does Angela treat other people in her life with the same disrespect?

Fans Always Want An Inside Scoop

90 Day Fiancé Fans are always looking for the dirt on stars that seem volatile and Angela certainly fits the bill. Several fans have been appalled by Angela’s treatment of her husband on several occasions. Now an insider has offended a scoop on Deem and her behind-the-scenes antics. What is it like to work with the show’s most controversial character? A Redditor who claims to have worked on the show as a production assistant claims that working with Deem was a nightmare.

Angela Deem Considers Herself A Star

According to the 90 Day Fiancé assistant, Angela seems to consider herself a star and wants everyone to know it. Apparently, Angela believes herself to be all that and a bowl of cherries. The assistance goes on to say that The way Angela acts is true to life. No wonder fans feel sorry for Michael and wonder how the grandchildren manage to stay in the house with her.

Is this the true Angela or has stardom gone to her head? The Redditor goes on to say that “Angela is such a drama-filled person that we didn’t really need to tell her anything, she already thinks she’s an A-list celebrity and she definitely acts like it, but that’s neither here nor there.”

Do You Feel Sorry For Michael

When the 90 Days Fiancé assistant was asked if they felt sorry for Michael, they replied that they felt sorry for anyone who had to work with her going on to say that she is the worst person they have ever met. The assistant also revealed that Deem’s pay had to be split into two parts because she became a no-show risk.

90 Day Spoilers: Angela Deem Described As Walking Nightmare By Show Employee

The assistant believes that Michael and Angela’s relationship is real and not about a green card. The Redditor also agreed with another commenter that the cast are not great actors so this relationship is real.

The former assistant says that some of the venues that are visited on the show are places that people would need to visit such as the lawyer’s office. Also, the wedding venue was where Angela wanted her American wedding but she was given some questions to ask as well. The Redditor also admits that some of the things were impossible to get and were thrown in for the added drama. Angela’s larger-than-life personality often lends itself to providing much-needed drama to the show.

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