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Days of Our Lives Mystery: Why Isn’t Hope Brady In Salem?

Days of Our Lives Mystery: Why Isn't Hope Brady In Salem?Days of Our Lives spoilers (DOOL) reveal Ciara attempting to marry Theo without her mother around at all. When Hope left town, it was because she thought Ciara was dead. So, what is keeping her away from Salem now?

Days of Our Lives Need Hope Back In Town

We know Kristian Alfonso opted to leave the soap but she is the quintessential Hope and has been for nearly 40 years. We can’t see Hope being recast but if Alfonso doesn’t want to return to the show, the character either needs to be dead, presumed dead or at least comatose so we understand why she isn’t with Ciara (Victoria Konefal) and why she wouldn’t even be with her this coming week on her second wedding day in a year. Make it make sense, Days of Our Lives.

Hope Left Town To Find and/or Mourn Ciara Brady

We could understand Hope’s motivation for getting out of Salem, but Alfonso left the soap in a lurch because she wasn’t supposed to be written out that way. It was only supposed to be a break for the character, but when the show returned to taping after the coronavirus hiatus, Alfonso announced that was it. She wasn’t coming back when the rest of the cast did. That means Hope never got a proper send-off, but it also meant we could have gotten news about a presumed death or an injury — something to explain this absolutely glaring hole in the canvas.

Either Bring Hope Back Or Do Something, DAYS

Is it possible to lure Kristian Alfonso back to the soap? She’s been doing Hallmark movies but not much else and if she’s offered the right storyline she might take it. Many actors have said their exits are for good but then they return anyway. Can we see the same for Alfonso so that Hope can come home and things can make sense again? Of course, we’d love to see Bo back too, but Peter Reckell seems happy off soaps for years now so we won’t hold our collective breath. And Hope’s return can give something more for Rafe to do except talk to a stuffed bear. Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives weekdays to see if that ever happens.

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