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Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Kyland Guns For Frenchie In 2nd Veto Competition

 Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Kyland Guns For Frenchie In 2nd Veto CompetitionBig Brother 23 spoilers relate to Week 2 and the Power of Veto competition. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, then this is a spoiler alert! Kyland Young took aim at Frenchie, hardly surprising, as Frenchie already went for him after promising not to nominate women or people of color. Actually, a lot of people changed their minds about Frenchie and hope he gets his just desserts.

Big Brother 23 Spoilers Suggested The Winner Should be A Risk-Taker

Ahead of the show, Julie Chen told fans of the CBS show that the winner needed to be a risk-taker. Well, although Frenchie won first HOH, he turned down the very first opportunity to take any risk. Instead of double or quits, he opted to keep his team safe. In particular, he wanted to look after the women. And yet, in the next episode, he threw Alyssa Lopez to the wolves because he doesn’t like the jocks, and thought she got too close to Christian.

The Big Brother 23 spoilers made a lot of fans mock Frenchie as his strategy seemed way flexible when it came to ensuring his own survival. Actually, after he changed his mind about going after Brent, he seemed too soft to end up a winner. Plus, he also nominated Kyland Young and then used Alyssa. Is it hardly surprising then, that Kyland went for him,

Big Brother 23 spoilers Kyland, Claire, Derek X, Alyssa, And Britini

In this week’s show, Kyland, Frenchie, and Britini played in the veto. Plus, the draw for the others turned out badly for Frenchie. They included Claire, Derek X., and Alyssa. CBS fans know that all of them seemed frustrated with Frenchie and his fluctuating gameplay strategy. Kyland doesn’t trust Britini as she wouldn’t add her voice to the rest of them who want Frenchie out.

Big Brother 23 Spoilers Kyland Guns For Frenchie In 2nd Veto Competiton

Big Brother 23 spoilers reveal that Derek X. won this week’s veto competition, which might now make him a target, Heavy.com noted. Of course, it could also mean Frenchie leaves the house. Well, the outlet also noted that such a scenario might not be in Kyland’s best interests. After all, the houseguests seem to be unhappy with Frenchie. Actually, it looks like the only member of Team Joker with much time for Frenchie is  Derek F. At least with Frenchie around, there’s a nice big target for the time being.

CBS Fans Comment About Frenchie

It certainly looks like fans went off Frenchie in a massive way. On Instagram, one fan said, “You are toast Frenchie.” Then another one noted, “I’m so sorry, but I just can’t abide Frenchie and his b-llsh-t.” Similar comments arrived like this one: “Frenchie tried too hard, he’s gotta go. And slaughterhouse? No. We may have to throw this season out and start over because of him lol.

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