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7 Little Johnstons Family Seems Tight After Drama-Filled Season

7 Little Johnstons Family Seems Tight After Drama-Filled Season7 Little Johnstons Season 9 drew to a close with Liz moving into her new home. Meanwhile, Anna still never got her opportunity to move out. TLC fans saw a lot of drama about that with tears and fights with her mom Amber. In the finale, fans saw Amber finally take a look at the place she wants to move into.

So, that opens up a storyline for Season 10. Plus, Trent and Amber worry about Amber possibly getting cancer. So, it all points towards another season. Despite all the drama, it looks like the family’s still tight in real life.

Little Johnstons Fans Seemed Unhappy With The season

In Season 8, fans hated that Trent and Amber revealed so much about their intimate lives. Actually, some fans declared the show became unwatchable and is no longer family-friendly. When Season 9 came along, fans already knew that the family wanted Jonah out of the house. Mind you, it focused rather more on him getting a job.  Plus, Anna and her mom clashed a lot and it became rather toxic. So, a lot of fans felt disappointed as they are sick of all the ugliness.

Pretty much, only one episode in 7 Little Johnstons Season 9 really brought any wholesome moments. That came when the family went and learned about bungee fitness. Fans liked seeing all the kids having fun with their mom. Plus the kids planned a scavenger hunt for Amber and Trent. Trent even chatted nicely with Jonah about his job as a car salesman. Other than that, most scenes just showed the parents being down on the kids and very controlling, fans thought.

The 7 Little Johnstons In Real Life

Sometimes, fans wonder how much TLC scripts their shows, and Trent and Amber are no exception. Throughout the season, on social media, fans couldn’t believe that Amber could always be so toxic. At least, fans hoped not. But for sure, some scenes seemed very scripted. For example, in the final episode, Trent danced on his and Amber’s bed and then ripped his pants off. Like who does that in front of a camera, fans wondered?

7 Little Johnstons Family Seems Tight After Drama-Filled Season

7 Little Johnstons star Trent always insists that what fans see is real. Hmmm. Well, it’s probably as real as you can expect from drama-loving TLC. After all the drama and toxicity, in real life, the family looks just fine. All, smiles and a big gathering revealed no tears or tantrums. The Team7lj account on Instagram shared some photos on Instagram stories on Friday, July 16.

Beach Day And A Gathering

The post by the 7 Little Johnstons family showed Alex, Amber, and Emma going to the beach.  Then, another photo revealed everyone at a long table. If you didn’t watch the show this season, you might presume not a single cloud ever crossed the horizon for the family that looks pretty tight.

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