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Seeking Sister Wife Star Dimitri Snowden Goes Dark On Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife Star Dimitri Snowden Goes Dark On InstagramSeeking Sister Wife Season 3 saw Dimitri Snowden slammed for allegedly violent behavior with his various second wives. While it started with Christeline, more people who lived with the TLC couple in the past spoke out. Now that his wife Ashley Snowden told fans that her status is single, Dimitri went completely dark. In fact, his Instagram account shows no posts left on it.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Heard That Ashley Is Single

When Christeline accused Dimitri of violent behavior in bed, she also accused Ashley of preventing her from leaving and alleged she verbally abused her. However, the main claims about Dimitri shocked a lot of TLC fans. The judge refused the restraining order that Christeline requested on the ground of a lack of evidence. However, other former “wives” stepped up and claim that the same thing happened to them.

Seeking Sister Wife Star Dimitri Snowden Goes Dark On Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife star Ashley, started modeling soon after the scandal broke. Next, she posted loads of throwback photos from happier days before she married Dimitri Snowden. So, a lot of TLC fans assumed she moved on from Dimitri. Later, she told fans to get out of their comfort zones. This week, she admitted that she is now “single.” Next, the deletion of all of her husband’s Instagram posts followed just a few days later.

Seeking Sister Wife – Dimitri Snowden Had Many Failed Relationships

Dimitri claimed he wanted more wives because he hoped for at least nine kids. However, TLC fans thought he seemed more into finding super-fast ways of hopping into bed. Actually, the impression he gave was rather more about getting his jollies off than establishing a secure family environment. At least that’s the way TLC fans took it. Actually, Ashley complained about his infidelity, so it seemingly extended off the TLC show.

The Seeking Sister Wife star apparently married Musawenkosi Ndlovu in 2003, according to a report by Radar Online, That failed, and he moved onto Ashley. One woman remains nameless, and she claimed that when Ashley went away, Dmitri Snowden cheated with another woman. Then, a woman named Jocelyn starred in Season 1 of the show. However, she had issues with Ashley and it fell through. Vanessa Cobb married them and then left. Of course, Christeline and Taylor featured in season 3, and that turned out badly.

Why Go Dark On Social Media?

When the Seeking Sister Wife star, Dimitri Snowden selected all his posts, fans wondered why. After all, he hardly posted anything on it recently. Usually, TLC stars do that while they drive up drama for another season. However, Season 4 wasn’t announced. In fact, given the sandal from Season 3, perhaps he won’t be invited back by the network. Possibly, without the show, he simply no longer needs a social platform.

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