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TLC’s ‘Unexpected’ Season 5 Details Revealed

TLC’s ‘Unexpected’ Season 5 Details RevealedFans of TLC’s Unexpected have been waiting for an update about the show. So far, there have been few details released, leaving fans with many questions about the reality teen mom TV show.

Right now, we don’t know when the show will return to TLC. Until some information was leaked recently, it was unclear whether the show was renewed. The season 4 finale aired this summer, so we can’t expect the fifth season to air too soon. Plus, production could be affected by the pandemic. Though things seem to be improving, plenty of shows and movies got pushed back in the thick of the pandemic, which may have delayed Unexpected Season 5 as well.

While there are still plenty of questions left unanswered, we finally have details about which teen moms will be a part of the upcoming season. Since the cast was leaked, it looks like the show was officially renewed. So, who’s coming back for more drama?

Sources share Unexpected season 5 cast information

On Facebook, leaks from a reputable source were shared about the upcoming season of the show.

The cast of Unexpected season 5 was revealed in the Facebook group. According to the source, this season’s teen moms include Lilly Bennett, Jenna Ronan, Tyra Boisseau, and Tiarra Boisseau. Taylor Williams, the cousin of Tyra and Tiarra, will be joining the cast too.

Longtime Unexpected fans may remember that Tyra, Tiarra, and Taylor were all pregnant at the same time before. Now, Tiarra and Taylor are both expecting their second children. As of now, Tyra has one daughter, Layla and she isn’t pregnant with another baby.

TLC’s ‘Unexpected’ Season 5 Details Revealed

It’s safe to say that all of the mentioned teen moms’ partners will be back for the upcoming season as well.

In the “Everything TLC Unexpected” group, a source with the inside scoop wrote, “Soooo here it is the FIRST Exclusive for UNEXPECTED SEASON 5…..THE RETURNING CAST MEMBERS ARE….🤩 Jenna, Tyra, Lilly annnnd the TWIST is…. Tiarra Tyra’s sister & Taylor their cousin! 👏

Yesssss the fan favorites are returning with a special twist along the way!

Buuuuut WE AREN’T DONE! Keep an eye out because as always we have some more tea to spill! 😏❤️ “

It’s unclear what the upcoming announcement could be. Maybe there is a new teen mom joining the cast, or maybe another former cast member is coming back. Hopefully, more news about season 5 of Unexpected will come out soon.

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