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Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown Keeps New Wives Away

Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown Keeps New Wives AwaySister Wives Spoilers reveal that Robyn Brown may be keeping the new wives away from Kody Brown and his family. Kody has mentioned time and time again that he would like to add another wife to the family, but there are plenty of rumors going around that Robyn keeps that from happening.

Who Would Replace Robyn?

There are multiple sources that are close to the Browns that have spoken out about Kody wanting another wife. One source claims that Robyn isn’t easy to get along with and that she has actually run multiple women away because of how she treated them. Robyn, the youngest wife and some say favorite wife, was the fourth wife added to the Brown family.

One of the newest rumors about a new wife is that Sister Wives cast member Kody was seeing a 25-year old woman that he had planned on adding to the family. He insists on finding a much younger woman so that she can have more children for him and carry on the family name. Kody and the woman were romantically involved, but according to a source, Robyn is so “controlling” that the woman left Kody and he is still heartbroken over the whole thing.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown Keeps New Wives Away

Is Robyn the Favorite?

According to Sister Wives fans, Robyn is the favorite wife, but then we have seen Janelle Brown becoming the favorite with Kody spending more time with her as well. It is apparent that he loves his younger wives more and likes to spend more time with them than Christine and Meri Brown. The pandemic has shown us a lot more about Kody and it seems that since Robyn has the younger children, he chose to spend it all with her.

No matter what Robyn does or says, will Kody continue to look for another wife to add to the family or will she keep pushing them away? Only time will tell if he can find another one and if she will approve.

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