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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Will Jeff and Annisa Make it Work?

love after lockup anissa and jeffreyLove After Lockup Season 4 premiered in June, but fans only met Annisa in the latest episode. Their bio explains that Anissa is quite a bit older than Jeff. He seems to string her along promising to get out of prison and meet her.

However, twice now, that never happened. They knew each other for 11 years, and finally, it looks like he might actually get out of prison and meet her. The brokenhearted Anissa is so optimistic that this time he’ll come, she even went looking for a wedding gown. Did they last? Read on to find out.

Love After Lockup Spoilers On Jeff And Annisa

One thing that WEtv fans know is that the show seldom disappoints in terms of drama. So, fans expected more of that in Season 4 when the premiere date emerged, So, far, Courtney and Josh bring the most interesting relationship to the show. Recall, she was a corrections officer. However, she fell in love with Josh, an inmate. That landed her without a job and inside prison herself. Apparently, she edited the visitors’ log. However, Jeff and Annisa also seem a bit interesting.

As Love After Lockup fans never saw Annisa before, some of them commented on Twitter that she seems like a “random” add-on. Meanwhile, others asked who Jeff and Annise were. Well, they are both new in the WEtv show. In fact, he only recently left prison, so maybe that’s why fans didn’t see much of them until now. Sarcasm noted that he was a “Federal inmate” and only got out in June this year.

Love After Lockup Fans Think Annisa Is Pathetic

On Twitter, fans talked about how Annisa really stresses that Jeff might stand her up again, Actually, she comes over as desperate. But some people think she just comes over as “pathetic.” One person commented, “Annisa is the new Angela chasing a younger inmate who continues to ghost her. Pathetic.” Meanwhile, another fan felt that she acts like some sort of “predator.

Love After Lockup Spoilers Will Jeff and Annisa Make it Work

Some Love After Lockup fans don’t know whether to feel sorry for her not. Another tweet read, “So your best friends and the bridal consultant…are basically telling you this is the dumbest thing…ever and Jeff himself didn’t show up the last two times he was released. Annisa…what are you not getting honey?” Well, Starcasm brought some spoilers that indicate things might just work this time. 

Short Time Together Bodes Well

Stacasm admits that Jeff and Annisa only had a short time together since signing up for Love After Lockup. However they did get together, so he didn’t stand her up again. Sleuthing, the outlet tracked down some posts on social media. It looks like Jeff landed a job and works with a construction crew. In one post he called Annisa an “Angel” and credited her with saving him from a life of “addiction” and “robbery.” Plus, in another recent post, he said that he loves Annisa, using the words “unconditional,” “forever,” and “real.

Remember to check back with us often for more Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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