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Seeking Sister Wife Ashley Snowden Says Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

seeking sister wife ashley snowdenSeeking Sister Wife star Ashley Snowden might be going through problems with her husband, Dimitri. Rumors run around the internet about a possible split. Meanwhile, she’s not dwelling on them and not denying or confirming anything either. Instead, she talks about her earlier life and shares a lot of throwback phtos. On Friday this week, she encouraged her TLC fans to get out of their comfort zones.

Seeking Sister Wife Ashley Snowden Not Talking About Dimitri

Ashley Snowden and Dimitri went quiet for a while when Christeline accused both of them of violent abuse. Christeline Petersen’s domestic violence accusations came to nothing as a court ruled she didn’t have enough evidence. She and Dimitri “divorced” and a fundraiser started up for her. Additonally, a previous woman in the polygamous family also accused him of similar behavior.

Before Seeking Sister Wife, Ariadne Joseph lived with the couple and she painted a grim picture of life with Ashey Snowden and her husband. Well, neither of the TLC stars talk about it right now. Rumors that she possibly split from Dimitri came from Starcasm who revealed leaked emails. The outlet talked about Dimitri’s infidelity. However, it’s not possible to confirm if they stayed together or not.  Dimitri shared a photo of Ashley on her birthday, but you might scroll your finger off looking for a post about him on her Instagram.

Seeking Sister Wife Star Tells Fans To Get Out Their Comfort

Ashley Snowden seems to deliberately leave the abuse scandal and Dimitri out of her posts these days. She posted some trivia about a modeling opportunity. More recently, she started posting about her life before the TLC show. On Friday, she shared two sets of photos. One of them revealed her enjoying life as an undergrad. The next set showed a lot of photos of her various travels.

Seeking Sister Wife Ashley Snowden Says Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The Seeking Sister Wife star wrote a long caption about getting out of comfort zones and traveling. Ashley said, “From Miami of Ohio to Miami Florida, Salvador de Bahia to Dubai UAE, each of these moments contributed to the opening of a deeper connection with the world.” Then she talked about how her travels helped her become easily adaptable to varying circumstances. So, she told fans, “get out of your comfort zones.”

Get A Passport And Travel

Seeking Sister Wife star Ashley Snowden added, “make getting your passport your priority this year, or if you already have it, prioritize one stamp from another country.” Additionally, she noted, “Be curious and adventurous. Life is too short and the world too vast, to be stuck on repeat.” Is she telling fans that she won’t repeat the same mistakes with Dimitri? Only time will tell.

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