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Sister Wives spoilers: Adding More Wives to the Brown Family?

Sister Wives spoilers: Adding More Wives to the Brown Family?Sister Wives spoilers reveal that the Brown family could be adding more wives to it. The rumors are spreading fast, but it looks like one of the wives, Robyn Brown, may not be so keen on Kody Brown taking on other wives. A few years ago, he did try to take on another wife, perhaps to replace Meri Brown, but the woman did not want to be part of the family. It seems that Robyn may have been to blame.

Sister Wives – Robyn Says No

Kody was very happy to add another wife to the mix, but it seems as if Robyn told him that she wouldn’t allow it. Meri was in the middle of an online dating scandal and rejecting Kody and that is why he sought after another woman. A source that knows the family well has started to talk about this woman and how Robyn had a big problem with her.

Apparently, he did end up proposing to the woman, but because of the issues with her and Robyn, she told him that they would have to stop seeing one another and she was moving on. The source said that Kody was heartbroken by all of this and he felt very rejected by it all.

Is Robyn Brown a Control Freak?

The woman who Kody had invested a lot of time and energy into was shocked at the way that Robyn treated her. She said that she was very controlling and this was not how she thought life would be with the Browns. Clearly, it was a big wake-up call for her! According to the source, the family was ready to take on another wife, but Robyn completely shut it down.

Fans have always thought that Kody had a favorite and it is Robyn and they think that she is fearful of losing this position in his life and that is why she said another wife was out of the question. Will he continue to try for another wife? We will have to wait and see.

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