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Big Brother 23: What Do Fans Think Of Frenchie After The Premiere?

Big Brother 23: What Do Fans Think Of Frenchie After The Premiere?Big Brother 23 contestant Brandon “Frenchie” French came along with a sad story about his son who died. An unlikely mix of a farmer with a military background, he looked a bit rough around the edges. A lot of people immediately decided they didn’t like him. In fact, when ET shared a video on YouTube with Julie Chen, a few commenters said aid they won’t watch if he’s on the show. So, did that change after the premiere?

Big Brother 23 Team Frenchie

Fans liked it when team selection time came along. Frenchie for Team Jokers chose Azah,  Britini, and Derek F. Meanwhile, Whitney from Team Aces picked Brent Champagne, Derek X, and Hannah. Then, The Kings’ Christian chose Alyssa, Xavier, and Sarah Beth. Finally, Claire chose Kyland, Tiffany, and Travis for The Queens. Fans reacted to Frenchie’s team, and one of them said on Twitter, “Rooting for team joker! With Frenchie and Azah working together their (sic) gonna go far! (Hopefully….).”

Frenchie also won a challenge to become the first Team Leader on Big Brother 23.  The Jokers team won the first challenge, so Frenchie ended up the first Head of Household. That’s good news for his team as they all sit tight and safe from being evicted in the first week. He also turned down Julie Chen’s offer of a further challenge, but he declined it. Certainly, it seemed like a very difficult call for him. He could have kept them safe for two weeks, instead of one.  However, weighing the option of being open to eviction or not, he played it safe. So, he’s not much of a gambler.

Fans React To Frenchie On Big Brother 23 Premiere

Just one episode in, it looks like plenty of people decided that they really like Frenchie after all. One fan on Twitter pointed out, “I seriously didn’t think I could stand Frenchie from his pre-show publicity, and now I’d take a bullet for him.” However, a lot of fans worry about him. After all, he’s winning competitions and challenges already. So, he could end up with a giant target on his back. Also, he called himself a strategist, but some folks fear he won too much, too fast to live up to his claim.

Big Brother 23 What Do Fans Think Of Frenchie After The Premiere

Big Brother 23 fans also like the team that Brandon “Frenchie” French chose. Bear in mind, he went for the people who all said they are there to play hard. Meanwhile, Derek F sounds like a really fun character. So, those CBS fans who already opted for Team Joker as their favorite team now hope they keep on riding high.

Potential Winner?

Of course, Big Brother 23 only just started. However, Frenchie s already predicted to become a winner.  Redditors and Twitterati talked about the possibility. Then again, The Wrap, based on little fact, but more a general vibe, predicted Hannah or Kyland for the win.

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