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Love After Lockup Daniel Valentine Back In Jail, Marriage Broken

love after lockup daniel valentine wife divorce jailLove After Lockup fans felt happy for Daniel Valentine this time last year. However, things went up and down a bit, only to seemingly come to an end in 2021. It looked like he cleaned up his act and stayed sober for a bit. Plus, he got his relationship on track with  Zanna. Now, it looks like that all went down the drain.

Love After Lockup News Shifts To Daniel Valentine

Over the last couple of weeks, news from the WEtv show revolved about Tracie Wagaman who passed away. The news originally came from her friend and former manager, Lily Red. Later, her brother Mark confirmed it. However, the cause of death hasn’t yet been released. Apparently, still remains under investigation. Now, other news comes about Daniel. Earlier this month, he landed up in jail.

Daniel Valentine from Love After Lockup talked about his sobriety achievements last year. Plus, he and Zanna traveled a rocky road but it later came right for them. Or at least, it appeared that way. Recall, he previously split from Lizzy Copeland and hooked up with Zanna. They became engaged and married, and he seemed very upbeat.  However, more ups and downs followed. She filed for divorce in February but then rescinded it at the end of June.  Starcasm checked it out, but he told WEtv fans on July 5, and he’s been dealing with his divorce. So, possibly she changed her mind.

Love After Lockup Jail and Divorce

Daniel Valentine last posted anything on his Instagram back in April. So, when he popped up there this month, WEtv fans asked him where he’s been. In reply, he told them that he was busy with his divorce and also went to jail. The next post he shared came two days ago. He said, “I’m over the sh*t I’m not ok I’m not doing ok. 👌 for those that keep asking I’ll eventually find my path again … until then 🤘✔️.”

Love After Lockup Daniel Valentine Back In Jail, Marriage Broken

Naturally, Love After Lockup fans turned out to support him and offer some suggestions. However, Starcasm followed up on the comment where he said he went to jail. It turned out that he didn’t stay inside for very long and got out on bail. His arrest came after he was caught speeding. Inside his car, it revealed he’d been a naughty boy. Police found “marijuana” and possibly “drug paraphernalia.” Additionally, he got slapped for a second offense involving drink and driving.

All Bottomed Out

It seems very sad that Love After Lockup star Daniel failed to stay on the right side of the law. Naturally, fans assume that the divorce bottomed him out, so he just walked away from the straight and narrow.

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