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Big Brother 23 Winner Will Need To Be A Risk-Taker

Big Brother 23 Winner Will Need To Be A Risk-TakerBig Brother 23 finally premieres and CBS fans are there for it. At last, the long-awaited show brings something worth watching this summer. The news came that some things will change in the new season. Actually, fans like it when a bit of a shakeup happens. Plus, the all-new cast looks very interesting. Now, host Julie Chen said that she believes unless the cast members are “risk-takers,” they probably won’t win.

Big Brother 23 Cast Who Are The Risk-Takers?

When the cast annoucements came out, it revealed an interesting lineup of houseguests. Unfortunately, Christie Valdiserri dropped out just days ahead of the premiere after she tested positive for COVID-19.  Well, her greatest passion in life is dancing, so she might not have been like a risk-taker. However, her replacement, Claire Rehfuss, a 25-year-old AI engineer might be. After all, she helped to found the fan-made version of Survivor: Survivor Michigan.

The Big Brother 23 cast includes a kindergarten teacher, an accountant, and a safety officer. Hmmm! None of them sound like potential risk-takers. One possibility who might take risks is Brent Champagne, a world traveler, sports fanatic, and flight attendant.  Meanwhile, Derek Xiao might take risks as he’s a startup founder. Then Hannah Chaddha, a clever grad student might also take some risks. Only heaven knows how to read a forensic scientist and a Phlebotomist. Time will tell.

Julie Chen Talks About Risk-Taking In Big Brother 23

Host Julie Chen spoke with ET. She firmly stated that “if you want to win this summer, you need to be a risk-taker.” Elaborating, she noted, “No lifevests will get you through to the end of the game this season.” Next, she went on and talked about the biggest twist for the season. She added, “the houseguests are going to have to team up.” Well straight away, that could be very important. Risk-takers unequally matched with cautious contestants might cause a bit of a difficult situation.

Big Brother 23 Winner Will Need To Be A Risk-Taker

The Big Brother 23 cast will split into teams of four and they really have very little time to get to know the other competitors. First impressions don’t always reveal the depths of a person’s character after all. Still, it makes for an interesting scenario as at the end of the day, everyone ends up competing for the win in their own capacity.

Diversity In The Cast

As expected, the Big Brother 23 cast seems more diverse. Of course, Julie Chen believes that it’s an opportunity for some people who don’t usually mix with minorities to get a bit of an education. Teaming up people with different life experiences might also add an edge to the show.

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