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Seeking Sister Wife Fans Call Garrick Merrifield “A Hypocrite”

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Call Garrick Merrifield “A Hypocrite”Fans of Seeking Sister Wife are turning away from bashing one of the show’s leads, Dimitri Snowden, who has been accused multiple times by multiple women of domestic abuse, and are turning their attention to another of the show’s leads, Garrick Merrifield.

Garrick Merrifield, a manipulator and general liar, talked his wife into divorcing him so that he could run off and marry another woman, convincing her that it is God’s plans for the “family”. Now, fans of the reality show are fed up with his hypocrisy and are trashing him for preaching one thing and doing another.

Fans Trash Garrick Merrifield after He Revealed That He’s Trying to Get Roberta Pregnant

For now, all Garrick Merrifield’s sins are not ones that will find him in jail, but fans are sure finding him guilty of manipulation and hypocrisy. A number of TLC fans called the star of Seeking Sister Wife out for his ways, after making himself out to be a reborn and wholesome Christian for months now.

Garrick Merrifield, like other co-stars in the questionable “polygamous” show, he is openly practicing polygamy. He’s not from a polygamist family, however, and has been married to his wife Dannielle for 13 years in a monogamous relationship that produced two children.

For some reason, he managed to convince her to divorce him so that he could marry Roberta and bring her to the States, where she would live with them in a polygamous arrangement. According to him, it was God’s plans for their family.

Dannielle willingly agreed to the divorce

“We decided two years ago that God wanted us to live a plural lifestyle,” Garrick shared on the Seeking Sister Wife season 3 premiere. “We don’t come from a polygamous background, but we believe in the Bible, and people in there had multiple wives. And I thought ‘Gee, the people in there are godly people and God loved them, so I then realized God wasn’t against that.”

There, that was his very clever reason for wanting to bring Roberta into their lives. Though Dannielle willingly agreed to the divorce, it was visibly hard on her, but she wanted to make the best of her situation.

For someone who claims to strongly believe in the Bible enough to wave it up to support his horny motives, he seemed to really disregard the part that said that one must not have sex before marriage, or even a basic and direct one that says not to divorce. It was clear to fans of the show that Garrick brought up that part simply as an excuse to go around having sex with as many women as he chooses.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Call Garrick Merrifield “A Hypocrite”

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Is Garrick Merrifield A Hypocrite?

Fans on Reddit questioned his motives, with one saying, “I thought Christians aren’t supposed to have sex before marriage nor get divorced. He can’t claim to be doing polygamy per God’s will and then do sex before marriage plus divorce against God’s will. How is he able to have it both ways without anyone calling him out on it?”

“Because it’s not about his religion, it’s about his gratification and always has been,” another fan replied on Reddit. This about sums up his motives for bringing the Bible and Christianity up in the first place.

Now, without being married to Roberta, Garrick has revealed that he’s trying to have a baby with her.

What do you think of Garrick Merrifield on Seeking Sister Wife?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and check back here for more Seeking Sister Wife news and updates.

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