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Doubling Down with the Derricos: Darian Derrico Gets Some Freedom

Doubling Down with the Derricos: Darian Derrico Gets Some FreedomDDWTD spoilers reveal that it may be time for some of the older children to have a taste of some freedom. They will start with their oldest daughter, Darian Derrico. Karen and Deon Derrico decided that since she is growing up, it is time for her to start getting a chance to do some things on her own. One of these will be attending summer camp.

A New Step for Darian

Summer camp is a big step in any child’s life and now Karen thinks that Darian is old enough to go and do this on her own. Just a few weeks ago, Karen told her fans that she was making the choice to send her oldest to summer camp. She is feeling nervous about it, but she feels that this is a big step for Darian and she could use socialization, especially after the pandemic.

Karen has 14 children and Darian is their oldest. She has started to grow into quite the sassy young lady and we have even seen her give her parents a little tough attitude every now and then. She wants to get out and be freer and it looks like this could be the way to do it!

The Derricos and Their Children

The Derricos have become fan favorites on DDWTD and now we get a chance to see what happens when they let Darian out of their sight for a few weeks. Karen posted a video of Darian traveling, but Karen and GG both went with her. This didn’t give her all the space that she wanted. She was chaperoned when they walked around the camp and Karen felt good about it. Darian was just ready to get her own space.


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The camp is in Detroit and when Karen left, she felt really good about making the choice to let Darian go. The camp was very nice and focuses on the arts, which is what Darian loves doing.
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