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Big Brother Spoilers: BB23 Cast Revealed!

Big Brother Spoilers: BB23 Cast Revealed!Big Brother news reveals that CBS has announced the Big Brother 23 cast. Who are the sixteen new players entering the house?

We’re going to introduce these players to you in a minute. First, critics are applauding CBS for delivering on their promise to include a more diverse cast of individuals with different cultural backgrounds, and professions.

Big Brother News: BB Season 23 is Diverse

Big Brother returns on July 7 with 16 brand-new faces competing for $500,000. The house decor has been dubbed, “BB Beach Club.”

Let’s get to know the houseguests, BB fans, starting with Alyssa Lopez who is 24 and from Sarasota, Fla. She is a Swimwear Designer and some are already speculating that her main interest will be promoting her brand!

Next up is Azah Awasum, 30-years old and from Baltimore, Md. The Director of Sales Operations is a huge BB fan which may work in his favor.

Brent Champagne is 28-years old and from Cranston, R.I. He is a Flight Attendant so he has an edge on the competition when it comes to dealing with unruly individuals!

Niagara Falls, N.Y. native Britini D’Angelo is 24 and works as a Kindergarten Teacher which means she has a leg up on the competition when it comes to dealing with childish behavior. She is a natural entertainer as she has a big presence on TikTok.

Big Brother News: Who Are the Houseguests?

Christie Valdiserri is 27 and was born in Philadelphia, Pa. She will be totally comfortable in front of the cameras as she is a Professional Dancer and former Sports Illustrated model.

Then there’s 23-year old Christian Birkenberger from Harwinton, Conn. He is a General Contractor Assistant and has a high opinion of himself as he thinks he’s a “joy.”

Derek Frazier is another Philly native and he’s 29. He is a Safety Officer and the son of pro boxer Joe Frazier. We’re pretty sure he’s hoping not to hear the legendary words, “down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier!”

There’s another Derek in the mix, Derek Xiao! The 24-year old is another Baltimore, MD native and he lists his job as a Start-Up Founder.

Big Brother Spoilers: BB23 Cast Revealed!

Brandon “Frenchie” French is 34 and a Camden, Tenn. native who farms for a living. Spoiler alert: he is a tragedy survivor with a compelling story.

Big Brother News: These are This Season’s Houseguests

Hannah Chaddha is a 21-year old grad student from Chicago, Ill. Hint: she’s super, super smart!

Kyland Young is a superhero buff who will turn 30 on July 17. He’s an Account Executive born in San Bernardino County, Calif.

Sarah Steagall is 27-years old and a Boiling Springs, SC native. She works as a Forensic Scientist, whatever that is!

Then there is 40-year old Tiffany Mitchell from Detroit, Mich. who is a Phlebotomist, as well as Travis Long, a 22-year old Tech Sales Consultant from Austin, Texas.

Whitney Williams is a Portland, Ore. native. She is a 30-year old Make-Up Artist which may means lots of helpful cosmetic tips for the other houseguests.

Last but not least is 27-year old lawyer Xavier Prather from Kalamazoo, Mich. He is also a big fan of the show, will this give him a competitive edge?

Let the games begin!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Big Brother. Come back here often for Big Brother news and updates.

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