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Sister Wives: Did Gwendlyn Brown Just Flirt With A Fan?

Sister Wives: Did Gwendlyn Brown Just Flirt With A Fan? Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown seems rather controversial and sometimes downright prickly. So, fans interested in her coming out seem really hesitant to use the incorrect terminology. Plus, she sometimes comes with a really dry dense if humor. Actually, it’s not clear if she slapped at a fan on a Q&A this week, or flirted with them.

Sister Wives Star Gwendlyn Brown Is Often Controversial

In 2020, Christine’s daughter took to Twitter and changed her profile. Actually, many TLC fns seemed a bit shocked, as she really came out on sides for Black Lives Matter. At the same time, she told them that she identifies as a “Raging Bisexual.” Fans seemed shocked not so much because of her gender preferences, but because of her political leanings. After all, everyone knows that Kody’s family mostly leans to the right.

Well, fans know that the Sister Wives family became used to the LGBTQ community when  Mariah came out. In fact, Meri’s daughter already talks about marrying Audrey Kriss. So, that probably made it easier for Gwendlyn Brown when she came out. Nevertheless, the TLC star still does a few things that seem a bit controversial. At one stage, she posted about  The Satanic Temple, a movement, She let fans think she joined a cult…for a bit. However, when people said they’d pray for her she ripped into her Christian fans. So sometimes, fans might tiptoe around that cutting criticism.

Sister Wives Fans Don’t Always Know LBGTQ Terminology

Gwendlyn Brown took to her Instagram stories on Wednesday, June 30, and held a short Q&A in honor of the last day of Pride Month. First, she posted up a random photo that revealed she was at a “business conference.” It’s not clear which conference or why. However, fans know she graduated from high school recently. Anyway, she admitted she spent the “whole time making a little decoration.”

When Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown invited questions, only a few fans responded. One of them asked if she can speak Spanish. Actually, she can, and her translated reply read, “Yes I can talk and write it but I don’t speak it fluently.” Then, along came a polite fan who asked about her sexuality.  Actually, the hesitancy might come as not everyone in the world understands LGBTQ terminology.

Sister Wives Did Gwendlyn Brown Just Flirt With A Fan

Getting Flirty With A Fan? Or Not…

The Sister Wives fans asked, “What’s your sexuality if you label?” Well, Gwendlyn replied, saying, “I’m Bi!” Then, she added, “Are you asking for a friend…ahaha.” Well, that could be taken two ways. Possibly, she took it that the TLC fan’s free and available and interested in her, and perhaps a flicker of interest came from Gwen as well. Or, she slapped at them. It’s rather difficult to say.


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