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Big Brother 23: Did Zach Rance Tease A Return In Some Capacity?

Big Brother 23: Did Zach Rance Tease A Return In Some Capacity?Big Brother 23 got some news about the cast on June 30 and Zach Rance popped up in the comments. You might recall that he featured in Season 16 of the CBS show back in 2014. In fact, he claimed he fell in love with Frankie Grande. Well, given the way things are going with inclusivity, might he return to the show? Fans suspect he either hinted at a return in some capacity, or he trolls the cast from the last few seasons.

Big Brother 23 Zach Rance Got Tight With Frankie Grande

You probably recall that in Season 16, Rance and Frankie seemed very tight. In fact, for a long time, people talked about how they bonded. It seemed interesting, especially as Zach previously claimed he was straight. Well, that clearly ended as news emerged that Frankie became engaged to Hale Leon earlier this month.

Big Brother 23 already got some hints from CBS that the new season might feature a bit more of the versions that people use to see. So, fans wondered if that opened up the possibility of a return of some of the older houseguests. That initial thought seemed like a possibility as no open casting call came for the new season. Actually, applicants went directly to the BB Website. However, it’s not likely old guests were invited back as game-players.

Big Brother 23 Returning House Guests?

The idea of returning houseguests was bandied about a lot by fans of the show. However, other news pretty much confirmed there won’t be any returning players. Hmmm, fans will have to just wait and see how that pans out. Of course, part of the whole thing might see some old houseguests in some capacity, if not as actual competing cast members. What we do know, is that the show’s themed around the Big Brother Beach Club and probably highlights the slowly approaching post-COVID era.

Big Brother 23 got a hint that returning houseguests might actually feature, but definitely not as players. Entertainment Weekly reported that Rich Meehan confirmed “all new players.” However, the distinction came with the added kicker, “at least not playing the game.” So no, even if hints suggest that Zach Rance returns he won’t be in it to win it.

Zach Rance Comments On Cast Annoucement

Big Brother 23 made an announcement on Instagram about the cast on June 30. One week ahead of the premiere, the caption read, “The #BB23 premiere may be in one week but we’re closer than you think to the cast reveal! Keep an eye out. 😉” Well, Zach popped up in the comments and said, “I heard this years (sic) cast is going to be the best ever!

Big Brother 23 Did Zach Rance Tease A Return In Some Capacity

One fan replied, saying, “He’s either on this season orrrr he’s trolling because recently the casts haven’t been great 💀.” 

Actually, there’s no way of knowing right now. However, judging by the mixed reactions to the possibility, if he features one way or another, nobody’s likely to start raving with joy. 

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