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Unexpected Star Lawrence Bishop Is In Hospital – Is It COVID-19?

Unexpected Star Lawrence Bishop Is In Hospital - Is It COVID-19?Unexpected fans met Lawrence Bishop after Lilly Bennett split from James Kennedy. Recall, in Season 1 of the TLC show, she and James expected their baby, Aaliyah, Since then. Lilly gave birth to the son of Lawrence and they named him Lawrence Charles Bishop IV. Lilly and Lawrence look in a  good place, but he gave her a terrible fright as was rushed to the hospital. Fans wonder if he experiences complications from COVID-19.

Unexpected Star Lawrence Bishop Falls Very Ill

Lilly Bennett seems like a pleasant sort of person, so she’s quite popular with TLC fans. Actually, some of the other cast members quite like her as well. She reportedly treats the others with courtesy although she makes no effort to become BFFs with them. Anyway, fans seemed happy for her when she revealed her new son and her new guy ahead of the last season of the show.

Recent news about the cast of Unexpected isn’t really focused on Lilly and Lawrence. Actually, Myrka Cantu fast became a fan favorite and fans hear all about the drama involving her split from Ethan Ybarra. Apparently, there might have been some cheating involved. In fact, rumors also arose about possibly abusive behavior. However, as neither of them really talks about it much, rumors will and do spring up. Now though, fans turn their attention to Lilly and Lawrence as he fell very ill.

Unexpected Star Lawrence Taken To The Hospital

The news about Lilly Bennett’s man falling ill came from the @tlcunexpected account on Instagram. They shared a photo of Lilly with her son, and at the top, it revealed a photo of Lawrence. he lay in a hospital bed covered with tubes. Actually, it looked like he was on oxygen. Fortunately, he didn’t look deathly ill and managed a small smile.

The admin captioned the post about Unexpected star Lawrence with, “Looks like Lawrence is in the hospital. Hope he’s okay ✨🤍.” Of course, fans wondered what happened. One of them asked what happened, and other fans replied, saying, “COVID-19.” Actually these days, almost anyone who falls sick is immediately suspected of that. However, that might not be the case.

Fans Wonder If Lilly Bennett’s Man Has COVID-19

After a few people wondered if Unexpected star Lawrence Bishop contracted the virus, Lilly appeared in the comments section. There, she clarified his condition. She said, “he has pneumonia and rhinovirus. 😫 he was having trouble breathing yesterday and i had to call the ambulance. he is doing a bit better now he stayed overnight and got some steroids and breathing treatments.”

Unexpected Star Lawrence Bishop Is In Hospital - Is It COVID-19

Naturally, TLC fans really hope that he keeps on improving.

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