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Return To Amish Star Mama Mary Working On Second Cookbook

Return To Amish Star Mama Mary Working On Second CookbookReturn To Amish spoilers and updates tease that Mama Mary Schmucker is working on her second cookbook. But it seems like she’ll be sharing more than just recipes for her delicious meals.

Mary’s Love For Cooking

Fans know that Mary is a great cook and loves to spend time in the kitchen making delicious meals for her family. The reality TV star has been sharing her cooking secrets with her fans. Not only that, she’s already published her first cookbook.

It seems like she’s not done yet. Mary has more to share. But in the second cookbook, which she’s currently working on, she’ll be including more than just Amish recipes.

Mary Encourages Fans To Try Again

The Return to Amish TLC star wants to teach people how to make food that they can store in cans or jars. Mary knows that some of those who try her recipes will have results that aren’t what they’re expecting. She told them that they may have done something wrong if the food they made tastes weird. But she also encouraged them to try again.

What’s Mary’s Favorite Food?

Although Mary knows a lot of recipes, she doesn’t have a favorite. When asked what she likes best, the reality star can’t choose any. She loves food, perhaps that’s the reason why she doesn’t have a favorite. Plus, she’s not a picky eater. She’ll eat anything as long as it satisfies her palate.

Return To Amish Star Mama Mary Working On Second Cookbook

Mary Wants A Cooking Show

Mary was last seen on The Return to Amish show four years ago. But she’s open to making a comeback if the network is willing to give her what she wants, and that’s probably a cooking show. She would like to have her own spin-off and showcase her cooking skills.

Mary revealed that her “boss from TLC” promised her a cooking show spinoff. Unfortunately, it never materialized. But she made it clear that not getting the spinoff isn’t the reason why she left the show.

She said the network made a lot of promises that never happened. She promised to share all these in her second book.

She also believes that Rebecca Schmucker and Abe Schmucker may consider returning to reality television again if the network is open to giving them something they want in return.

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