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Love After Lockup News: Viewers Want to Know What Courtney Is Even Thinking About Josh

Love After Lockup News: Viewers Want to Know What Courtney Is Even Thinking About JoshLove After Lockup news reveals that Courtney is raising eyebrows after fans have begun asking questions about her behavior. In the beginning she and Josh were intriguing and WEtv fans imagined they would be one of the most interesting stories.

It didn’t hurt that Courtney was a corrections officer while and a con. It’s not everyday you come across that combo. But now show fans are almost at a loss about Courtney.

Love After Lockup News: Amazing Love After Lockup Courtney and Josh speculation

From the outset their story was unique: Courtney fell for her incarcerated customer so to speak. Courtney the CO fell hard for inmate Josh.

Complicating matters, Courtney went to the shady side of the street by falsifying official records in order to spend more personal time with Josh. This could have ended in a jail term and being fired from her job.

Why Was Courtney Arrested?

This month, incredible Love After Lockup spoilers revealed a case of domestic abuse. Here’s the skinny:  Courtney and Josh got into it and he was arrested last December.

He went to jail and Courtney took out a no-contact order against him after he was reportedly violent toward her. Court records show that he was sentenced to costs and 30 days jailtime, which were suspended. What’s next for the two individuals?

Love After Lockup News: What Happens Next?

That news hasn’t been shared to date, but there is more news about her inappropriate behavior. Brand new Love After Lockup spoilers from Starcasm show that Courtney went beyond falsifying visitor logs to spend time with Josh.

Love After Lockup News: Viewers Want to Know What Courtney Is Even Thinking About Josh

Courtney allegedly twice petitioned the judge to reduce his time served. She apparently penned a letter which, “was part of two separate motions for judicial release.” The first one was filed in “July of 2018,” the second “in December of 2018.”

In her letter, Courtney said of Josh, “I was expecting him to be vulgar, negative, and manipulative towards me. Not once in our time together has he ever been any of those things towards me.” Hmmm. They do say that hindsight is 20/20, maybe we should cut Courtney some slack and let it go at that?

What is apparent is that she did not expect Josh to subject her to domestic violence. Given what you know, do you think these two should try and work things out? Or should they leave well enough alone at this point in time?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Love After Lockup. Come back here often for Love After Lockup news and updates.

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