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Big Brother Spoilers: Julie Chen Teases New Season 23

Big Brother Spoilers: Julie Chen Teases New Season 23Big Brother spoilers and updates tease that long-time host Julie Chen revealed the tagline for the new upcoming season, “Go Big Or Go Home,” and since July 2000, it has not been like Julie to blurt out a tagline without any meaning behind it.

As in seasons past, the winner of BB23 will win the title and $500,000, and CBS has hinted that fans will see a return of a more regular version of seasons past.

Big Brother Spoilers – New Cast New Season

There was no open casting call events due to the pandemic, so BB hopefuls had to apply through the Big Brother website. Does this mean there is more room for returning houseguests? Maybe. But rather than returning to just host some challenges like Big Brother season 2 winner “Dr. Will” Kirby did last summer, it would be nice to see returning houseguests play in the game. Even Dr. Will wasn’t impressed with the season, “I don’t think it’s any secret that we haven’t seen remarkable gameplay this season thus far, and of course, that is a little disappointing.”

The cast for season 23 was wrapped up on June 11th and the mandatary quarantines began June 18th to the 20th. The producers settled on 16 players, although they did discuss 18 players and “claim” there will be no returning players. But this is Big Brother and fans are used to “expecting the unexpected,” and we will all know soon as the cast reveal is just days away on June 30th.

The house is finished and ready to go and Big Brother already teased a “beach theme with a high-stakes summer full of Big Risks and Big Rewards, where one wrong gamble could cost them everything.” 

Big Brother Spoilers: Julie Chen Teases New Season 23

Big Brother Updates – Taking Chances

Big Brother has been hinted that there will be taking chances, risks, gambling and rewards in their official press release. Fans are hoping that BB23 will adopt the same twist that Big Brother Canada 9 adopted with the Invisible Head of Household. Since Big Brother season 22 was very uneventful and boring so BB execs are most likely uber excited to make the most of this upcoming season.

Or, they could bring back the “Duo” twist from season 6 or the “Twin” twist from season 5.

One thing is clear for Big Brother season 23 from the hints and tagline, it appears that the producers are eager to shake the house up and have the players take more risks in their game playing.

Big Brother airs Wednesday, July 7, 2021 on CBS at 8 p.m. ET with a live, 90-minute premiere. Be sure to check back here for all spoilers, gossip and updates of all things Big Brother.

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