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Sister Wives Spoilers: Are Any of the Browns’ Children Considering Polygamy?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Are Any of the Browns’ Children Considering Polygamy?Sister Wives spoilers and updates reveal viewers of the TLC reality TV show know that Kody Brown and his four wives are using their show to shine a light on what it’s like to live in a polygamist household, and to cast off all the stereotypes associated with such marriages. How much they’ve achieved with the show is arguable.

But, one question is, if they’re working to remove the stigmatization that comes with polygamy and make it appear like any normal marriage arrangement, are any of the 18 children shared between Kody and his four wives interested in the lifestyle, and if so, what do the parents think of it?

Kody Brown’s Wives’ Discuss Their Children’s Views on Polygamy

As previously mentioned, Kody and his wives: Meri, Christine, Janelle and Robyn, share 18 children between them, some of which have been featured on the hit reality show. So, are any Brown sons and daughters on track to getting involved in a polygamist arrangement?

As of yet, none of them are seeing themselves in the type of home they grew up in, at least for the foreseeable future.

Janelle opened up to Entertainment Tonight in February to discuss the issue of whether any of their children want to follow in their marital footsteps.

“I think we can acknowledge they love [having a] big family and brothers and sisters,” she explained at the time. “[They] haven’t expressed interest in plural marriage, but [they] love family, so they’ve separated how family was growing up and how they wanna live their life.”

Janelle later added her opinion on her children’s choice to steer clear of polygamy: “We’ve always been pro find your own relationship with God and make your own choices. Just because we’re doing it doesn’t mean necessarily it’s for you. We’re pretty open with that choice.”

Only a few of the children have spoken out about the awkward subject of living in a polygamist home.

As for Meri, she’s glad that Mariah is committed to one person as opposed to getting involved in a plural relationship, according to her confession during a Sister Wives’ episode.

Christine has also addressed the matter and she’s sure none of her six kids want to go down the road she did in marriage. “We’ve talked and none of my kids are gonna live our lifestyle,” she opened up to ET.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Are Any of the Browns’ Children Considering Polygamy?

Kody Brown on the Stress of Polygamy

It’s not new to the fans of the TLC reality show that Kody and his wives, especially Meri and Christine, have had a very sour relationship for years. The thing that’s surprising to fans is the fact that none of the women want to leave, even though Kody Brown has made it clear that they’re free to.

According to Kody, his wives can leave him whenever they choose to, but he doesn’t feel that he has the choice to leave them.

“I’ll be frank, plural marriage is not a challenge that I enjoy,” the Sister Wives’ patriarch said in a confessional in a recent episode, adding that the whole enterprise has made him become “cynical”.

“There’s this belief in our religion of, this sort of thought process of, ‘Endure to the end,’” he said, “I’m looking back at nearly 30 years of plural marriage, or marriage in general, of our family, and it has been sort of an ‘Endure to the end’ experience.”

“Looking forward to your death so you can meet the Almighty and say ‘See how I endured all the personalities here!’”

With the wives finding themselves at odds with each other and with Kody, it’s easy to see why none of the Brown kids want to go down that road.

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