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Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Embraces The LGBTQ Community

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Embraces The LGBTQ CommunitySister Wives fans know that when Meri Brown heard her daughter Mariah come out, she felt terribly guilty. Recall, she felt that she must be a bad mom as she didn’t know her daughter as well as she thought she did. Over the years, she obviously grew used to her daughter and her partner Audrey Kriss. However, candidly she admitted she still can’t know everything about the LGBTQ community. Nevertheless, she believes in unconditional love and she knows all about hurting inside.

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Cried When Mariah Came Out

TLC fans saw Mariah’s mom crying when she came out in 2017. Actually, a lot of people thought she made the whole thing about herself. She said, “I always wanted to have a son. I just always thought well, you know, since I never had a son, I will be able to adopt Mariah’s husband as a kind of a son.” Finally, Robyn spoke with her and talked about babies, noting that she had more options for grandkids given the possibilities of “two wombs” to carry kids.

These days, Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems in a good place with Mariah. Clearly, she accepts her and her fiance, Audrey. However, that doesn’t mean she understands the psychology of those who enter into same-gender partnerships. Nonetheless, when she took to Instagram on June 22, she certainly came out with honesty. Not apologizing for anything, she even told fans, “I know I don’t always use proper terminology and lingo.”

Candid About Love And Acceptance Of The LGBTQ Community

Sister Wives star Meri Brown wrote about her feelings and fans appreciated what she said. Possibly, it’s the most honest statement they heard in a long time. In fact, one TLC fan replied saying, “Love the honesty over pretending you know.” Mariah’s mom previously noted, “I don’t claim to understand the pain, conflict, or struggle the LGBTQ community may feel.”

Well, the Sister Wives star speaks for many people who, like Meri Brown are “not queer.” Her message indicated that she believes she can’t “understand” the rejection that the community experiences. However, she knows what pain and rejection feel like. Well, probably everyone relates to that no matter who they are. The difference with Kody’s wife is that she acknowledges it honestly.

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Embraces The LGBTQ Community

‘Safe With Me’

Sister Wives star Meri Brown impressed her TLC fans with her loving acceptance. Do you wish you could find someone who makes you feel safe despite any differences? It seems like unconditional love for humanity as she said, “you are safe with me.” Fans thought she expressed herself honestly and that’s a rare thing in the 2020s. She went on and said, “I know there are so many who struggle to feel seen and loved. I see you, and I send you my love.”

As far a Meri Brown is concerned, she wants “every person to feel comfortable in their skin,” and the Sister Wives star expanded on that. She noted that she hopes the LGBTQ community finds acceptance just being “who they really are…confident and whole and strong.” In fact, she doesn’t know what else she can do, other than being loving, give her “support,” and “have your back.”

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