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Little People Big World Spoilers: Tori Rolloff Shares Her Hopes to Have a Third Child

Little People Big World Spoilers: Tori Rolloff Shares Her Hopes to Have a Third ChildLittle People, Big World spoilers and updates reveals Tori and Zach Roloff, stars of the TLC show, recently opened up about their desire to have a third child. After the family endured a painful miscarriage in March, they maintained that they still hold onto the hope of having another biological child, but they didn’t rule out the possibility of an adoption.

Tori and Husband Zach Rolloff Talk about their Plans for their Family

It’s been three months since Tori Rolloff, 30, took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news that she’d lost her third child to miscarriage before she had the chance to publicly announce her pregnancy. In a recent interview, the reality TV star opened up about her plans for the future and how the family is faring after the miscarriage.

“I think that we’re still hopeful that one day we will get to have another baby,” Tori Rolloff told US Weekly on Thursday. But it doesn’t mean that the family of four isn’t happy, as she added, “And until then, we’re just kind of happy where we are.”

If they can’t conceive again or simply choose not to, Tori said that she and her husband Zach are “definitely” open to adoption. The couple currently live in Oregon, but they are planning about moving into their family farm.

“I’ve always thought parents that have the heart for adoption or for foster care, I respect and adore them,” Zach added.

“I think those parents are amazing,” Zach continued enthusiastically. “It’s not something we’ve necessarily talked about, but those parents that do do that, I think it’s incredible.”

Tori and Zach Talk about their Miscarriage

Before Tori and Zach lost their baby to miscarriage, their four-year-old son, Jackson, was already privy to the knowledge that he would soon welcome a younger sibling.

“We stopped talking about it, and he hasn’t asked about it since,” Zach now says. “He went to go stay with grandpa. He got a lot of farm time.”

Little People Big World Spoilers: Tori Rolloff Shares Her Hopes to Have a Third Child

Back in March when Tori revealed her miscarriage, she candidly opened up to her fans about the pain she felt after learning she lost her baby. The picture she shared was one of the family together, with their unborn baby and Jesus, “We were so excited when we found out we were expecting baby No. 3, and we couldn’t wait to share.”

“We went in for our first ultrasound at eight weeks and found out that we lost our sweet baby two weeks earlier,” she continued on her official Instagram account. “I’ve honestly never felt loss like I did in that moment.”

Her message reflected her sadness in losing her unborn baby, but it was also one of hope. She credited her husband and children for helping her get through the sad times.

“It was pretty traumatic. But I have two happy, healthy, beautiful kids I get to love on every single day. That’s what I’m trying to remind myself, I’m still blessed for sure.”

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