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Counting On Claire Duggar Sparks Pregnancy Rumors with Father’s Day Photos

Counting On Claire Duggar Sparks Pregnancy Rumors with Father’s Day PhotosCould Counting On star Claire Duggar be pregnant? Some of her social media followers think so, thanks to her recent post.

On Father’s Day on Instagram, Claire shared a couple of photos of herself and her husband Justin Duggar. Interestingly, in her caption, she included three white heart emojis. The hearts could symbolize her, Justin, and a baby, some fans think. It’s possible that she chose to use three emojis for another reason or simply thought it looked better than one or two emojis.

While Claire can post whatever she wants to on her Instagram page, it’s interesting that she would post a photo of her husband on social media rather than her dad. On social media on Father’s Day, many people choose to post photos and messages about their dads or husbands who are fathers. Claire did share a post about her father and father-in-law on Father’s Day, but she only put those photos on her stories, which disappear after 24 hours.

Claire Duggar

Claire Duggar pregnancy rumors fly

As time goes on, it seems more and more likely that Justin and Claire have a baby on the way. The pair got married in February, so it’s possible that they are expecting now. Of course, no one will know for sure until they announce this themselves.

When Josh Duggar was arrested, many of the family members chose to restrict their comments on Instagram. This means that only a select number of users can comment on each of their posts. This is done in hopes of weeding out some of the negative comments they may receive.

Because of this, there aren’t any comments on Claire’s post about her possibly being pregnant. Over on Reddit, users began talking about this.

One user writes, “The three hearts is a reach. But it does strike me as suspicious that she posted this on Father’s Day instead of some post about Mr. Spivey. Instead he was just in her story.” Another adds, “Yeah… the 3 hearts and it being posted on Fathers Day definitely makes me think it’s something she’s not ready to announce yet lol.” About the photos being posted on Father’s Day specifically, someone adds, “No other reason to post today if she wasn’t expecting.”

If Justin and Claire do have a baby on the way, they will share the news soon enough, and we’ll see if this Father’s Day post was a hint.

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