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Sister Wives: Janelle and Kody Brown Lied About Their Relationship When They Were Newlyweds

Sister Wives: Janelle and Kody Brown Lied About Their Relationship When They Were NewlywedsSister Wives spoilers and updates tease that Janelle and Kody Brown had to tell other people that they were siblings when they were newly married. Living as polygamists were tricky back in the 1990s that’s why they lied to people around them so they could fly under the radar.

Technically, They Didn’t Lie

Kody Brown married Meri Brown in 1990. Three years after, he married Janelle and they all lived together in one home. Their setup wasn’t legal, so they had to come up with something when people start to ask who Janelle is. Meri and Kody’s neighbors have gotten used to them both so having Janelle around might pique their curiosities. So, they decided to tell them that Janelle and Kody are siblings so they’d stop asking.

Technically, it wasn’t a lie. Before Kody and Janelle tied the knot, the latter’s mother, Sheryl Usher married Kody’s father, Winn Brown. Back then, Janelle and her mother didn’t know much about what happens within a polygamist community. They were only introduced to the religion later on in their lives.

Sheryl married twice before she and Winn were together. Her first husband was Janelle’s father, Robert Schriever, who died when Janelle was three years old. Her second marriage, which ended in a divorce, was with Merlin Fryer. Before life with Kody, Janelle was married to Meri’s brother, Adam Barber, and they were in a monogamous relationship. They were together for only two years and had no kids.

Sister Wives: Janelle and Kody Brown Lied About Their Relationship When They Were Newlyweds

Meri’s Feelings Towards Kodi’s New Wife

Meri made it clear that she wasn’t threatened with Kody’s marriage to Janelle. She explained that their bond wasn’t romantic so she had no reason to worry. Viewers also noticed the same thing with their relationship. Even Janelle once claimed that their marriage wasn’t based on deep love or infatuation but on a transactional need. The Brown family didn’t deny having this kind of bond. They didn’t describe their relationship as “romantic” but as “cerebral” or “intellectual”. Even if that’s the case, Janelle and Kody seem to be the perfect fit when it comes to having a polygamous relationship.

Meri also explained that she now understands that Janelle may have felt upset back when they decided to introduce her as Kody’s sister. Meri said she didn’t think of it that way before but rather like a soft way to introduce Janelle to the polygamist community.

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