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Jessa Duggar Defends Her Decision to Live in ‘Small House’ with Four Kids

Jessa Duggar Defends Her Decision to Live in ‘Small House’ with Four KidsOn Father’s Day, Jessa Duggar shared a new photo of her husband, Ben Seewald, and their five-year-old son, Spurgeon. In the photo, the pair is sitting on the couch as they play a game of Guess Who. Since the picture was snapped in the family’s living room, plenty of fans had questions about the decorations. Some wanted to know where she got her rug, while others were curious about the canvas photos behind the couch.

Jessa somehow found the time to answer a handful of fans’ questions. She gave her followers some information about the decorations and furniture in her home.

Fans wonder if Ben Seewald & Jessa Duggar have moved

In the past, they have received plenty of questions about their living situation. Ben and Jessa moved into Josh and Anna Duggar’s old home. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and about 1000 square feet of space. Though it’s tight, Ben and Jessa have found a way to make their home work for their family of five.

On this recent post, in a comment, a fan asked, “Are you still in the small house?” Jessa quickly defended her choice to stay in a smaller home with a large family. She said, “Yes, and I love it!”

Ben and Jessa will soon welcome their fourth baby to the world. Jessa has said she’s due this summer but hasn’t shared a specific due date or month. Since her due date is quickly approaching, it doesn’t look like Ben and Jessa will have a chance to move before the baby is born.

Jessa Duggar Defends Her Decision to Live in ‘Small House’ with Four Kids

Now that another baby is on the way, it’s possible that they will need to move. Jessa has been very open about the meaning of the home though. In a YouTube video in 2020, she said, “I feel like our house is still a pretty good fit and pretty good size for the five of us. The kids are still so young that we can make it work pretty easily. Also, I think I’m just really sentimental… I just love our house. This is where so many of our firsts have happened.”

Fans are interested to see whether the family will finally move in the next couple of years. Fans feel that they will run out of space pretty soon if they continue to grow their family.

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