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Little People Big World: Isabel Roloff Pregnant?

Little People Big World: Isabell Roloff Pregnant?Isabel Roloff has been in the center of pregnancy rumors more than a few times. The Little People Big World star and husband Jacob Roloff has two brothers who have been kind of matching with their wives’ pregnancy announcements, so it makes fans of Little People, Big World to expect Jacob and Isabel to build their own family.

However, Jacob and Isabel are younger and have their own lives to live. That said, Isabel recently teased her fans with pictures of cute babies and their mothers, and it begs the question, could it be a buildup to a pregnancy announcement? If she’s not pregnant, it may be a sign that she’s finally ready to have a baby.

Little People Big World News – Isabel Reveals Her Desire to Have Children

Isabel Roloff isn’t closed off to the idea of having children, in fact it’s actually a part of her wishlist — to have children and one day travel the world with her husband and children.

In a recent post, the Little People Big World alum shared that she’s “feeling ready” to have a baby. While she knows that she wants to have kids, she once opened up about feeling nervous about it. It’s actually a good thing that the young woman is considering the outcome of having a baby, since some people have rushed into it before they are ready and have ended up resenting their children or regretting it.

Izzy has also shared her dreams of moving to the Roloff Farms with her husband and future children with her fans.

Little People Big World: Isabell Roloff Pregnant?

But what really turned fans in the direction of the possibility of her pregnancy was the number of cute mother and baby pictures she shared on her Instagram Stories. The cute photographs were without context, and so do not present a definite clue as to what’s currently happening in Izzy’s life and mind.

For now, it seems that she’s okay with just puzzling her followers.

But if she does decide to have a baby, her husband Jacob would probably make a wonderful parent, as he’s been an adorable uncle to his nieces and nephews. He is also very close to his family, especially Zach and Tori’s kids, Jackson and Lilah. His wife Izzy has remarked that he would make a great father and fans agree.

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