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Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Catches Up With Her Mom’s Cousin

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Catches Up With Her Mom's CousinSister Wives fans know that Meri Brown’s mom Bonnie passed away just weeks after she turned 76. The unexpected event left her daughter reeling from the shock and sudden grief. As her mom ran her Lizzie’s Heritage Inn BNB, fans wondered if she’d close it. However, she reopened it after a brief pause. Now, she revealed a previously canceled visit by her mom’s cousin and daughters took place. In fact, the TLC star thinks that somehow her late mom had a hand in helping it all happen.

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Seemed So Happy To See Bonnie’s Cousin

TLC fans know that Jen Sullivan, Meri’s friend stepped up and helped her through the shock of her mom’s passing. Plus, at one stage, her own siblings got together with her and they reminisced about the past and cried a lot. As she started trying to adapt to her new normal, Kody’s first wife also honored her mom by placing a potplant in the entranceway at the inn. That way, she hoped that guests might pick up some of Bonnie’s positive energy,

Later, when she re-opened the place, the Sister Wives star said that she dedicated her new Grandma Room to her mom. She revealed a portrait there and now her mom becomes a part of the historic home in Parowan, Utah. This week, she revealed that her mom previously arranged for her cousin and her daughters to join her for a visit at the BNB. Unfortunately, it never happened. But Meri said that they rocked up this week and she sounds very happy.

TLC Fans Discover An Old Promise Comes True

Sister Wives star Meri Brown took to her Instagram on Thursday, June 17, and spoke about her mom’s cousin. In her long post, she said that her mom and her cousin planned on a reunion at the BNB. At the time, her cousin’s daughters also planned on joining them. Meri mentioned that they might help fill in some gaps in the history of the place. However, the coronavirus came along and they canceled the arrangement. Unfortunately, as travel restrictions started easing, Bonnie died unexpectedly. So, the meetup never happened.

Well, the Sister Wives star seemed very happy as her mom’s cousin and daughters arrived. She wrote, “This week I was pleasantly surprised when they showed up my door.” Of course, she felt a bit sad that Bonnie missed the reunion. However, they clearly enjoyed a good time together. She noted, “What a great time visiting with these beautiful ladies, and hearing stories and memories from mom’s sweet cousin. It was an absolute joy to spend this time with them!”

Did Bonne help make the meetup happen?

Those fans who follow Sister Wives know that Meri Brown’s quite a spiritual person. So, it seemed possible that Bonnie helped the meetup happen. Meri wrote, “As much as I wish mom could have been here in person for this, I have no doubt she helped to orchestrate the meeting. (Not the only thing she’s had her fingers in this week, I might add!)” Actually, now fans want more stories about Bonnie making things happen. Perhaps she will tell them on her Fridays With Friends podcast this week.

In the comments section, one fan wrote, “We love u! And so happy your mother was part [of] the get together! ❤️❤️things have a weird way of just .. working out.”

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