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Seeking Sister Wives: Dimitri Snowden Homeless?

Seeking Sister Wives: Dimitri Snowden Homeless?Seeking Sister Wives spoilers and updates reveal Dimitri Snowden is soaked deep in accusations of domestic violence and manipulation from his wife and fellow Seeking Sister Wife star, Christeline Petersen, but the latest bizarre news about him weirdly came from his own hands. He reportedly sent a message to an unknown receiver alleging that he’s poor and homeless and desperate for work.

Seeking Sister Wives Star Caught Spreading False Information about Himself

The Seeking Wife star has recently been facing backlash after troubling allegations of violent and predatory behaviors were made against him. Christeline Petersen went public with her claims that her husband, who she wed in July last year, has been physically and emotionally abusive towards her. This is not the first time that the TLC reality TV star has been accused of domestic violence by a woman that he is in a relationship with.

A leaked email seemingly proves that Snowden sent a message to someone a few days ago, alleging that he is a homeless man. The email was somehow leaked to blogger John Yates by an unknown Reddit user, who uploaded it online for everyone to see.

“I’m reaching to let you know that my objective is to still pay what I owe you and that I have not forgotten,” the letter began. “I’ve been homeless and trying to rebuild.”

Dimitri is a practicing polygamist and one of the lead stars of a reality TV show, and in Seeking Sister Wife season 3, fans could easily tell that he lives in a great residence in California. Anyway, continuing with the email, he further listed a few ways he could make up for the “debt” that he apparently owes to the email recipient.

He added that he’s willing to “work on the farm” or “build/fix [a] website”. He also asked whether there was “any type of work” that the person needs that requires “a body/mind for that I can provide?”

It is unclear when the message was sent or who the recipient is exactly, though he did begin the message by greeting “Joey/Jennifer”.

Dimitri Snowden Files for Divorce from His Wife Christeline Petersen

Amidst accusations of domestic violence and manipulative behavior from his wife Christeline Petersen, Snowden filed for divorce from her. In the divorce document, he listed their date of separation as Jan. 21 and cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. The exes do not share any children.

Christeline Petersen did not only accuse him of horrible deeds – like attacking her even when she was sleeping – she also brought the matter to the court and pleaded to be granted a restraining order against Snowden.

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