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Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden Gets Into Modeling Amid Abuse Scandal

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden Gets Into Modeling Amid Abuse ScandalSeeking Sister Wife star Ashley Snowden is keeping herself busy amid the controversial abuse claims. The TLC star and her polygamous husband have been accused of abusing their former sister-wife, Christeline Petersen. Here’s what she’s up to recently.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden Tries Modeling

There’s no stopping Ashley Snowden from trying out new things. The Seeking Sister Wife star recently tried her hand at modeling, much to everyone’s surprise.

Ashley took to Instagram and shared a video of her slowly dancing. The wife of Dimitri Snowden revealed that she’s now modeling for a company owned by her hula sister.

Ashley revealed that she’s always wanted to become a model when she was younger. However, an incident with her modeling instructor put a sour taste in her mouth. Since then, she stopped trying to become a model.

But now, 23 years later, the Seeking Sister Wife star got another shot at modeling. This time around, she’s not wasting the chance.

“I didn’t skip this opportunity, even though my life as I knew it was going through major changes and I didn’t look at all how I felt!” she added.

Ashley Says People Are ‘Cruel’

Meanwhile, in another post, Ashley Snowden expressed her frustration about some toxic people around her. In another lengthy IG post, Ashley noted that there will always be people who will try to shame someone.

“There will be people who try to shame you into speaking because the uncertainty of not speaking makes them uncomfortable,” Ashley said. “Silence makes them doubt their own perceptions and beliefs, or worse, suits their particular agenda or personal bias.”

At one point, the Seeking Sister Wife star even called people “cruel.” Ashley goes on to say that this cruelty is quite common to those who “lack curiosity, critical thinking skills or meaningful activity in their personal lives…so it’s easier to pass judgment.”

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden Gets Into Modeling Amid Abuse Scandal

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Moves On From Abuse Scandal

Ashley Snowden and her husband, Dimitri Snowden, have been relatively quiet about the abuse allegations against them. The Seeking Sister Wife couple opted to steer clear from the issue as much as possible.

Previously, their new sister wife, Christeline Petersen, filed a restraining order against the couple. She alleged that Dimitri has been verbally, physically, and emotionally abusive of her.

The Seeking Sister Wife newbie goes on to claim that Ashley also abused her verbally and prevented her from leaving the house.

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