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Big Brother 23 Spoilers Leak: Summer 2021 BB23 – Everything We Know So Far!

Big Brother 23 Spoilers Leak: Summer 2021 BB23 - Everything We Know So Far!Big Brother news reveals that out CBS inside source has some dish about your favorite show. What are the latest things they are hearing? Let’s unpack what we know so far about the upcoming season BB fans!

Big Brother News: What Is New This Season?

According to our CBS insider, the House Theme this time around is Big Brother Beach Club. We understand that the season theme is all about rebirth and new beginnings, which makes perfect sense considering the COVID era we are coming out of.

So, when should you pop the popcorn and settle down on your favorite couch? The launch date is July 7 when the new season drops but the first look at the house is being floated around as possibly July 2 or maybe July 5.

Jesse Tannenbaum took over as the Big Brother Casting Director for season 23 after Robyn Kass left to pursue new opportunities. Jesse worked on Over The Top so we’ll be expecting a lively crew this time around.

Big Brother News: What Happens This Season on BB?

As you might imagine, coronavirus vaccination is a must and the guests will all be tested. The cast was finalized last week and fans should look for a target date at the end of the month, say June 30, for the big reveal. Can you wait that long?

Will there be a live premier? The answer to that is a firm yes. Originally 18 players were considered, but execs settled on 16, no reason given.

We can also tell you that there will be no returning players—repeat, no returning players! We can also spill that there will not be a week one eviction.

On top of that, we know that a HOH will be announced before the epi is over.

Big Brother 23 Spoilers Leak: Summer 2021 BB23 - Everything We Know So Far!

Big Brother News: Here’s What We Know So Far

Big Brother 23 is the twenty-third season of the television reality show Big Brother. The show captures the fun and games of a group of contestants, known as HouseGuests, as they finagle their way to be the last person standing and capture a grand prize of $500,000.

Julie Chen Moonves has been the host of the American version of Big Brother since the reality show premiered in 2000. That’s a long time and as such she has the distinction of being the longest-serving host of any country’s version of the show.

Julie was also the co-host and the moderator of the CBS Daytime talk show, The Talk, for eight seasons and before that she was a co-anchor of The Early Show on CBS.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Big Brother. Come back here often for Big Brother news and updates.

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