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Bachelor in Paradise Jade Roper Reveals That Baby Reed Packs On The Pounds

 Bachelor in Paradise Jade Roper Reveals That Baby Reed Packs On The PoundsWhen Jade Roper birthed her son Brooks, he suffered from nutrition problems. In fact, the Bachelor in Paradise star told fans that she felt shocked as he came in underweight. However, it certainly seems like his little brother Reed has no problem in that area. In fact, he suddenly packed on the pounds and looks very chubby.

Jade Roper Struggled With Feeding Brooks

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise know that Emmy came first. Then, she gave birth to Brooks, a shattering experience. He came so fast, that Tanner couldn’t get her to the hospital on time. Born in the closet at home, baby Brooks soon developed feeding problems. His tongue-tie made it hard for him. Additionally, Jade talked about him coming underweight, with malabsorption. It didn’t help that he also suffered allergies to dairy and soy products.

These days, the son of Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert is a thriving toddler. Since then, she gave birth to Reed Harrison, the spitting image of Tanner. Back in March, she shared some empowering photos taken very soon after Reed arrived. In one of them, he latched on for a good feed. Now, it looks like he never stopped as he ballooned almost overnight by the look of it.

Bachelor in Paradise

Very Chubby Baby Reed

On Monday, June 14, Jade Roper popped up a photo of herself. She held Reed who obviously fed well. Bachelor Nation followers noticed a milk stain on his mom’s shirt. In her caption, Jade wrote, “Hubba Bubba Wubba. 😍😍😍 Gah this sweet face, Reed!!!” Well, some fans couldn’t get over how chubby baby Reed looks. In the comments, Jade told them, “Right!? I blinked and he’s SO big! 😭😭.”

Actually, for Jade Roper having a chubby baby probably takes away any fears she might have held after her experience with Brooks. Quite often, she talks about mom guilt as she really tries hard at being a perfect parent. Very candid, at one stage, she talked about also trying to not be the perfect parent. From the perspective of ABC fans, she looks like a really good mom. So, many of them reassure her during her vulnerable moments.

Fans Love The Chubby Baby

In the comments section, a lot of fans told Jade Roper that her chubby baby looks so very cute. One of them wrote, “❤️❤️❤️ those perfectly yummy cheeks.” Then, another fan noted, “Love that sweet milk…mouth! ❤️❤️ he’s a doll baby!” Meanwhile, others talked about how Jade always shares it as it is. Real and candid, only she might post a photo of a milk stain after Reed had a good feed. This comment noted, “I love how “mom” this photo is, milk marks on your shirt and all. ❤️”

Remember to check back with us often for more news about Bachelor Nation stars, Jade Roper, Tanner, and their kids Reed, Emmy, and Brooks.

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