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Sister Wives Spoilers: Brown Family Finances Continue To Spiral After Move To Flagstaff

 Sister Wives Spoilers: Brown Family Finances Continue To Spiral After Move To FlagstaffSister Wives Spoilers suggest that the Brown family is getting deeper and deeper into financial trouble as their finances spiral out of control. Can the family recover from this latest financial setback?

Janelle Brown Recently Lost Her Home

Sister Wives Janelle Brown had been renting a home for herself and the three remaining children living at home. Without much of a warning, Janelle found out that her rental house was up for sale forcing her to move. Janelle’s home sold shortly after but the Browns were not the ones to purchase the home. Some spoilers indicate that Janelle could be living in a mobile home instead of the house that sold for almost $600,000. If this is the case, Janelle has certainly had to downsize due to this move.

Kody Brown And Robyn Brown’s Tax Lien

Sister Wives Kody Brown and Robyn Brown are in arrears on the taxes on their Flagstaff home as well. Records indicate that Kody has already missed two opportunities to pay the lien that is over $1000 on the home he and Robyn purchased for $890,000. This home has been a sore spot between Kody and Robyn from the start. At one point Kody even threatened divorce while arguing over whether or not to buy the home.

This Is Just Another Problem Of Many

When the Sister Wives Brown family decided to move to Flagstaff they had plenty of financial issues. The homes in Las Vegas didn’t sell as quickly as the family had hoped leaving them short of money. Although it has no been addressed onscreen, the Browns have been late on their taxes several times since their move in 2014. In January 2021, the U.S. Sun reported that the Kody was in arrears of over $3000. This debt was associated with property owned by Kody and Robyn and has since been settled. In 2019 a similar issue took place with the family in debt of almost $7000 including the Coyote Pass property that they have yet to develop. Kody has admitted to being ready to sell the property because of issues with his wives.

 Sister Wives Spoilers: Brown Family Finances Continue To Spiral After Move To Flagstaff

Was Moving To Flagstaff A Mistake?

Sister Wives Brown’s family has moved several times. Kody and his first three wives moved over a dozen times before Robyn came into the family. The Browns have lived in several Utah cities and even moved out of state a few times. Once Robyn joined the family they fled Utah in the middle of the night to escape charges related to polygamy. The move to Vegas at least allowed the family to build homes in the same cul de sac where the children could interact with each other. The same cannot be said for Flagstaff which has almost torn the Brown family apart.

Perhaps the problems of the Brown family will be resolved in Season 16 if there is one. TLC has not announced anything on the new season but family members have suggested there would be.

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