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Counting On Spoilers: Are Joe and Kendra Duggar At Odds With Jim Bob?

Counting On Spoilers: Are Joe and Kendra Duggar At Odds With Jim Bob?Counting On spoilers suggests that Joe and Kendra Duggar seem to be at odds with Jim Bob Duggar. Are the issues between them over Josh Duggar’s charges?

Fans Question Instagram Post

Counting On’s Joe and Kendra posted a photo of their son on Instagram for his third birthday. Strangely missing are comments from the boy’s grandparents, Jim Bob and Michele Duggar. Fans quickly noticed the lack of comments and assume that the couple is at odds with his parents. Could they be one of several family members who believe that Jim Bob should have handled Josh’s molestation charges differently?

Joe And Kendra Welcomed Baby Number Three In February

Counting On’s Joe and Kendra have three children. Of course, the family of five celebrated their son’s birthday as expected. Unfortunately, Garrett Duggar’s birthday fell during the same week that Josh Duggar’s photos surfaced dealing with his latest scandal, child pornography. Josh has been a point of contingency since the allegations of molesting his sisters surfaced ending the 19 Kids and Counting series.

Several Family Members Are At Odds

Counting On’s Joe and Kendra had a party for their son and Kendra’s parents were in attendance. However, there was no mention of Jim Bob or Michele being there. Their lack of social media presents leads fans to believe that the family is at odd over Josh’s latest issues. Of course, speculation is that if Jim Bob had done something when Josh was younger, perhaps his issues would not have gotten to this point. Josh has been accused of molesting several of his sisters but nothing was done legally to punish him then.

Counting On Spoilers: Are Joe and Kendra Duggar At Odds With Jim Bob?


Could Jim Bob See The Error In His Ways?

Some of the Counting On stars have been estranged from Jim Bob for some time. Could Jim Bob finally see that his family is pulling away from him because his lack of action is the same as condoning them? Has Jim Bob’s attempts to cover up Josh’s actions of the past caused his children to back away from him and the family? Is there anything that Jim Bob could do to make things right with his children after Josh’s continued sexual-related crimes? Even members of the extended family, including Amy Duggar King, have spoken out against Josh Duggar. Has Jim Bob finally realized that Josh was wrong and the family’s feelings toward him are justified?

The Duggar family has certainly had some issues when it comes to family. Will the family ever be able to come together again as a whole?

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