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Seeking Sister Wife: Ephraim Winder Gets His First Haircut

Seeking Sister Wife: Ephraim Winder Gets His First HaircutSeeking Sister Wife fans heard rumors that Sophie Winder expected a baby and this season, they met little Ephraim. He’s the second child for Colton and the first for Sophie. So, that makes him the half-brother of Sadie, Tami’s daughter. Quickly, TLC fans fell in love with the cute little boy. Now he had his first haircut and his mom shared about it on Instagram.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Fell In Love With Ephraim Winder

TLC Fans saw that the family celebrated Ephraim’s first birthday and they liked that Tami also helped prepare the cakes and treats for the special day. A lot of photos came from the Winder family as he and Sadie get along every well. In fact, she seems like a really nice big sister. One set of photos revealed her playing very sweetly with Ephraim, and fans agreed that watching siblings grow close seems very special.

Mind you, Seeking Sister Wife fans really like the entire family. Well, most of them. Colton has a very dry sense of humor, so some fans just don’t click with him. However, they admire the way the wives Tami and Sophie seem so dedicated to their family. Considered the most authentic family on the show, fans begged them to stay in touch after their episodes ended on TLC. Thankfully, they continue sharing their day-to-day lives with TLC fans

Seeking Sister Wife: Ephraim Winder Gets His First Haircut

Sophie’s Little Boy Doesn’t Mind His Haircut

On Tuesday, June 8, Seeking Sister Wife mom Sophie shared several photos of her son. In the caption, she revealed that the cut took place on Sunday. He seemed very happy and not at all stressed by his mom fiddling with his hair. In her caption, she also added, “It was a family affair and bribery may have been used. 🤣 Ephraim was quite happy when it was over and he got to snuggle with dad, and share his treats ♥️✨.”

Well, he seems like a pleasant-natured young boy and fans really love the cute kid. In the comments, one of them said, “Awe, so cuuuute!! He looks a lot like his daddy! Don’t worry about the bribery; I have to resort to that, as well, when I cut my husband’s hair! 😂” Meanwhile, a lot of “cute” and “precious” comments went in.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans MIssed The Family On The Show

Some TLC fans felt sad as they already saw the last episode of the Winder family before the finale. So, they missed seeing more of them. However, previously they clarified that they never left TLC. So hopefully, if another season of the show comes along, fans see much more of them. In the meantime, they can still follow the family on social media.

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates about Ephraim Winder from TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife.

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