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Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Attends Graduation After Blasting Janelle’s COVID Views

Sisterwives-Kody Brown-1Sister Wives Spoilers suggest that Kody Brown continues to believe his views are the only legitimate ones when it comes to Covid protocols. Recently Kody called out his second wife, Janelle Brown as being lazy when it comes to covid protocols. However, Kody then attends his daughter, Ysabel Brown’s graduation. When will the double standards end with him?

Kody Brown Attends Graduation

Sister Wives star Kody has called out his wife on her “laziness” when it comes to adhering to Covid protocols. Kody was furious with Janelle because she wasn’t controlling her son’s activities. Both Garrison Brown and Gabriel Brown work outside the home. Both boys also have a social life which Kody disagrees with.

However, Ysabel Brown just graduated from high school and Kody chose to attend. Kody is the only person who travels from house to house to visit his wives and children. Kody’s argument all along has been against unnecessarily exposing people to the risk of Covid-19. Why is it ok for Kody to attend a high school graduation but not for the children to congregate together? Why does Kody feel that his risk of exposing everyone to the virus is less than anyone else in the family?

Kody Brown Tried To Delay Ysabel Brown’s Surgery

When Sister Wives’ Ysabel had back surgery last year, Kody tried to get her to wait another six months before having the much-needed procedure. Kody argued with both Ysabel and her mother Christine Brown over the necessity of the procedure

. Kody’s daughter’s pain was not a big factor at all to him, it was more about exposure. Why was a necessary medical procedure the one thing he would not attend for his child? Did Ysabel not deserve to have her father’s support? Was the possibility of being away from the other family members while under quarantine more important than his daughter’s pain?
Sisterwives-Kody Brown-1

Is Kody Brown’s Double Standard Just Too Much?

Sister Wives Kody doesn’t seem to take anyone’s thoughts but his into account when making decisions. Kody wants to keep the family apart because of Covid issues. Kody believes that everyone is safe with him traveling between homes as long as no one else does. When will Kody’s standards be too much for his family? Will Kody ever stop wanting to control everyone else’s lives?

Kody loves to be in control no matter what it costs his family. Kody’s desire to move to Arizona and not build on the property is a prime example of this. When will Kody’s family have enough?

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