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Little People Big World Spoilers: Jackson Roloff Has A New Friend

Little People Big World Spoilers: Jackson Roloff Has A New FriendLittle People Big World spoilers reveal that Jackson Roloff has a new friend and fans are a little upset about how he is keeping it caged up. With the Roloffs spending a lot of time on the farm, most fans think that everything is there to run free. That may not always be the case though. It took a lot of explaining to fans why he keeps his new friend in a cage, but some of them are starting to get it.

Jackson Loves Animals

Jackson really does love animals and fans love that he is such a farm kid! Last year, Jackson really got attached to one of the chickens. He would pick up the chicken and just love it all the time. It was pretty adorable! Jackson just seems that he fits in so well on the farm and he is going to be great at it, keeping the farm when he grows up to be his father’s age.

Zach Roloff got a lot of backlash when he got the new animal for Jackson and he knew that it may not be the best idea. Zach posted a picture of Jackson looking into a glass box in one of his recent Instagram pictures. Many of Zach’s fans think that because Tori Roloff is a teacher, she may help Jackson to get creatures and grow them for science projects. Others thought it was inhumane to have a new pet in a cage.

The Insect Collecting

The creature in question is a frog that Jackson was keeping company and he is feeding it crickets. Many fans of the Roloffs got very upset about it and we did find out that they did release it and let it get back to the other frogs in the area. Many fans said that it needs to be with its “mate” or its “babies.”

Little People Big World Spoilers: Jackson Roloff Has A New Friend

Fans got very upset that Jackson had this frog in a glass box, but Zach wanted fans to know that they were very kind to it and respectful no matter what. Jackson wanted to learn more about frogs and this was one way to do so.

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