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Seeking Sister Wife Stars Tami & Sophie Sneak A Dinner Date

Seeking Sister Wife Stars Tami & Sophie Sneak A Dinner DateSeeking Sister Wife revealed that the Winder family initially accumulated a lot of critics. However, as Season 3 progressed, many TLC fans warmed to them. With just one episode left, fans won’t see any further segments of Colton and his wives, Tami and Sophie. However, they still update their fans on Instagram. Sophie just revealed that while their man’s away, she and Tami sneaked in a dinner date.

Seeking Sister Wife Stars Addressed All The Hate

It seems that fans either adored the Winder family or hated them. In fact, the family addressed the hate in late May. Actually, it seems that most people who don’t like them just didn’t get Colton’s dry sense of humor. Other issues centered around the fact that they are Mormons. Additionally, critics slammed the woman they courted, Kimberley. Critics made a huge fuss as she met with them all while dressed casually. In a post, the family explained that she’s an old friend and they told her to just be herself.

Actually, despite the critics, most people liked the family and they felt they went on the Seeking Sister Wife show for the right reasons. In fact, while some of the cast just seemed more interested in slipping between the sheets, the Winders came over rather differently. In fact, they seem rather more like the Brown family from Sister Wives. Well, this weekend, Sophie proved that they live rather normal lives just like those who don’t live a polygamous lifestyle.

Tami & Sophie Sneak In A Dinner Date

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, June 5, Sophie revealed that she and Tami from Seeking Sister Wife went for dinner together. Actually, as the two women seem to be the best of friends, it seems nice that they can go out when Colton’s away. In her post, she revealed them enjoying a meal and it looked like Thai food. In the caption, Sophie said, “Tami and I have been home with sick kids, and holding down the fort while Colton is out of town.”

Well, it wasn’t all bad, as the Seeking Sister Wife star added, “We did however get the chance to head out to eat on a dinner date that we both enjoy.” Next, she explained, “Colton doesn’t like it much, so we tried to fit it in before he gets home 💜✨.” Presumably, she meant he doesn’t like Thai food. Fans appreciated the post and one of them said, “You are all a sweet family! Life is good when you have a dinner buddy. Thank…you for sharing!”

Fans Hope The family Stays In Touch With Them

Often, Seeking Sister Wife stars become active during the season. However, all too often they fade away from social media after that. TLC fans like the Winder family. So, some of them asked them to please continue sharing their life with them.

Remember to check back with us often for more news, updates, and spoilers about Seeking Sister Wife on TLC.

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