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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Does Dannielle Merrifield Have A New Man?

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Does Dannielle Merrifield Have A New Man?Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that Dannielle Merrifield may have moved on from her husband, Garrick Merrifield. She seems very uneasy by the idea of her husband being with Roberta, but it does look as if she has moved on to a new man. Who is this mystery man?

Fans Dislike Garrick

Ever since we first saw Garrick and Dannielle, fans didn’t trust him one bit. Now that he is trying to make babies with Roberta, before marriage, fans dislike him even more. Fans have also spoken out about the horrible way that Garrick treats Dannielle and how he makes her seem as if she is very insignificant in his life. This is no way to treat the woman you call your wife.

When we saw Garrick and Dannielle in Mexico together, Roberta could tell that something was really bothering Dannielle. She decided to invite Dannielle to stay in their room and while Dannielle was out getting her pajamas, Garrick and Roberta had a quickie. When Dannielle found out, she felt horrible. Fans were shocked that Garrick just smirked the whole time that Dannielle was feeling this way.

Instagram Hints and Clues

Dannielle posts pretty regularly on social media and her newest Instagram posts reveals that she could be dating another man. Garrick is nowhere to be found on her posts and she isn’t on his Facebook page anymore. Dannielle posted a new photo with her feet with a man’s feet. She captioned the picture, “Date night with my love!” Of course, her fans were quick to ask questions about who this new man could be.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Does Dannielle Merrifield Have A New Man?

Fans were quick to react to this new post. One wrote to her, “Dannielle, you have to be by far one of the most loving, patient, and kindest women ever. All everyone wants is happiness for you that you and only you sincerely and genuinely want. If you don’t want to share your husband, don’t. Please follow your heart and not someone’s lead. You are way too amazing and beautiful.”

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