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sMothered Spoilers: These Duos Are Too Close

sMothered Spoilers: These Duos Are Too ClosesMothered spoilers reveal that after the last episode of the new season, fans are shocked at what they have seen so far. The May 31st premiere shocked viewers like no other season has before. These mother-daughter duos really do everything together and it borders a little creepy.

Sharing It All

The first pair that fans were exposed to on the season premiere of sMothered is the Louisiana family, Lisa Kimball and Lauren Kimball Reese. They have sleepovers together even though Lauren is married and has her own family. Lauren has been married to her wife for four years, but she continues to stay at her mother’s house. This has caused a lot of conflict in her marriage.

Lauren told cameras, “We just can never spend enough time together. I could be at my momma’s house for 10 hours, and then as soon as I get in the car, I call her because I forgot to tell her something.” This relationship is putting quite the damper on her marriage. Lauren told cameras, “My wife definitely thinks it’s odd- but she also knows how close we are.”

Another New Duo

Viewers were shocked to see mother-daughter duo, Karla McCoy and Rykia Lewis. These two literally do it all together. The mother-daughter team goes out for happy hour, the spa, and shopping together. Of course, this doesn’t seem too weird, right? Oh, it gets worse.

sMothered Spoilers: These Duos Are Too Close

We were shocked to find out that Karla and Rykia love each other so much that they even wax each other’s body parts on a regular basis. If you are thinking it, yes, you are correct on what body parts they wax! Karla told cameras, “To us, it’s not a big deal. But I’m pretty sure on TV it seems crazy. If I would let a stranger look down there, why wouldn’t I let my daughter?”

These mother-daughter duos are very close and you will be able to see even more of them on the next episode of sMothered.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with sMothered right now. Come back here often for sMothered spoilers, news, and updates.

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