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Sister Wives Spoilers: Maddie Brown Brush Shows Off New Figure

 Sister Wives Spoilers: Maddie Brown Brush Shows Off New FigureSister Wives spoilers reveal that fans want to know how Maddie Brown Brush is losing all the baby weight she gained with her last child. She has been through a lot with having Evie and has been pushing harder and harder to be a great mother and finish up her education in the medical field. With the help of her husband, Caleb Brush, Maddie is making some serious moves and she is ready to show off her new body!

Fan React to Newest Post

On Instagram last week, Maddie decided to post about how she was feeling and all it took was one post about her new favorite drink. She has been drinking this “pink drink” and apparently it has been helping her to lose weight and to feel less tired and more motivated to get through the day. It also appears that she has been working out and exercising a lot more too.

Maddie doesn’t live very close to her mother, Janelle Brown and she needs a lot of help around the house these days with two children. Caleb is working full time, but he never stops helping her to take care of the house and the kids. Her followers have always told her just how proud they are of her little family and how Caleb really steps in as a father and helper around the house. Fans praise them for their communication and teamwork.

 Sister Wives Spoilers: Maddie Brown Brush Shows Off New Figure

Losing Weight, Feeling Great

Maddie took the time to post about how she was feeling, but some fans didn’t know it would turn into a promotional ad for the company. Nonetheless, she was happy to share her feelings and her new look. She took a picture of herself with the drink and then captioned it, “It’s pretty crazy what this little pink drink has done for me. I used to think it was normal to feel like crap. I really thought that’s just what happens when you get older or have babies. I’ve learned that NOPE that’s a BIG FAT LIE! I’m so glad I decided to do something about it.”

We are happy that Maddie is getting to feeling like her best self and loves this new drink.

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