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How Much Does Tori Roloff Get For Uploading Videos On Her Cameo Page?

How Much Does Tori Roloff Get For Uploading Videos On Her Cameo Page?The Little People, Big World star, Tori Roloff, is one of many reality stars to have an account on the new social media platform, Cameo. Fans will be wondering how much she charges for having a video uploaded on her Cameo account.

But come to think of it, what exactly is a Cameo account? Read on to get to know what Cameo is all about.

Tori Finally Joins The Cameo Train

Tori recently revealed through her Instagram account that she will be joining the new social platform bandwagon, Cameo. She recalled that a lot of her followers had asked her to open an account on Cameo for some time. At the time, she wasn’t so keen on joining Cameo.

However, it seems the Little People, Big World star has finally being convinced to join the platform by her huge fanbase. It’s also a possibility that she decided to open an Account on Cameo by her conviction. All in all, she has joined Cameo.

In a recent post on Instagram, Tori revealed her new Cameo account to her fans. Her Cameo account can be searched for by fans using the search bar on the platform. At the moment, Tori charges people who want to upload videos using her Cameo account at a rate of $75 per video. Her profile also discloses that the turnaround period on her account is 24 hours.

Her turnaround period is most likely to change as more clients begin patronizing her Cameo account. Tori currently has a fanbase of 1.5 million followers on the photo-sharing platform, Instagram.

How Much Does Tori Roloff Get For Uploading Videos On Her Cameo Page?

With her huge fanbase, Tori has a huge probability of raking in substantial income. If as little as 2% of her current 1.5 million followers, which amounts to 30,000 clients, patrons her Cameo account, she will end up with $2.2 million.

To meet up with the demands of their clientele, some TLC stars like Adam Busby, have increased their video rates on Cameo.

Which Other Stars Of The “Little People Big World” Series Are On The Cameo Platform?

Tori is not the only cast crew member of the Little People, Big World reality series who is on the Cameo bandwagon. Her parents-in-law, Amy and Matt Roloff, also have accounts on Cameo.

On his part, Matt charges clients the same rate as his daughter-in-law, at $75 per video. On the other hand, Amy has her Cameo account with a relatively cheap rate, at $60 per video.

On her Cameo profile, Amy disclosed that any money she makes will go to charitable organizations. She added that her turnaround time is between 3 to 5 days. It is understandable as Amy’s followers on Instagram are not as high as Tori’s.

It is expected that Tori will be operating the same turnaround time as Amy’s as she gets more orders. The cash from Cameo will rake in additional income for Tori and her family in the long run.

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