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Fans Question What Janelle Brown’s House Going on Sale Could Mean for the Sister Wives’ Star

Fans Question What Janelle Brown’s House Going on Sale Could Mean for the Sister Wives’ StarCould fans have been distracted by Meri and Christine’s drama in the polygamous family to notice Janelle giving her own signs? But Janelle’s been positive about her relationship with her “spiritual husband” Kody Brown, even when her co-wives have shown their displeasure.

According to Kody, though he admits that he and Meri’s love died a few years ago, he once said that he doesn’t feel like he has the right to leave any of his wives, and he made it clear that any of them could leave him if and when they wanted to.

While Meri may still be on the fence about packing up and leaving her polygamous life behind, Christine revealed on the season finale of Sister Wives that she’s done with Kody Brown. But even Christine hasn’t made a move to leave despite promising fans that she’ll do so.

So, could Janelle be the first of Kody’s four “wives” to leave?

Janelle’s House Goes on Sale

The Sun was the first outlet to report that the reality TV star’s 5-bedroom ranch house, in which Janelle has lived in with her children for three years, has gone on the market for $699,000.

The 52-year-old currently resides in the house with three of her six children: Garrison, 22, Gabe, 20, and Savannah, 16.

But the choice to sell the house does not dwell on Janelle as she has only been renting the house. The owner probably decided to know if there’ll be someone who wants to buy the property so that he/she can move on from it.

While she may have no say in the house getting sold, her future is impacted by the sale as she can no longer continue to live in the house if it gets sold.

Her husband Kody purchased a land called Coyote Pass for $820,000 in 2018. The dream at the time was to build a mansion that could even have the entire family living under one roof. But to this day, nothing has been built on the land, so Janelle is still without a choice on where to live if her current rental home gets sold. And there’s a big doubt that Kody would care much about it.

Janelle Defends Her Relationship with Kody

Back in April when episodes of the show were still airing on TLC, Janelle decided to set the record straight about what was coming across to fans as a one-sided romantic relationship.

She did so after a social media user posted that she had to “force” her husband to say “I love you” on the show.

“He says it to me more than I say it to him lol,” she insisted. “But after decades [since] we have been married, I can communicate to him what I need at any given moment.”

She also addressed what life was like for her living in a plural family: “I think since we have been public, I personally haven’t felt awkward about being a polygamous in a monogamous world,” she wrote at the time. “When we were trying to stay secret it was awkward.”

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